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Defamation and Communications

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EXPERT WITNESS for economic damages, malicious or negligent causation of emotional distress, issues relating to social media (SM), mainstream media, online and internet defamation, libel review, public/private figures, the right to privacy, slander, libel, and cost of defamation management/repair.


BS Technology Management, University of Maryland; Lecturer, UCLA GSEIS (Graduate School of Education and Information Science)

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SERVICES: Expert witness reports and/or testimony in defamation of character cases, including both libel and slander, as well as portrayal in a false light and right to privacy cases. This leverages 30 years of experience as a credible journalist and one of the first practitioners of search engine optimization, as well as 20 years of consulting directly with end-clients on emotional distress issues. I am familiar with most aspects of defamation, from gossip campaigns to online defamation and reputation management. Particular areas of expertise: • Economic damages resulting from defamation and harm to reputation. • Traditional mainstream media libel. I've been an editor, journalist, and author for 30 years, and know the aspects from fault to hot-button words. • Online defamation through review/rating web sites, or head-on SEO attacks (e.g., through Google or YouTube listings). • Maliciously, negligently, or recklessly inflicted emotional distress. Conflicts: very few. I'm not inherently a plaintiffs' or defendants' expert witness; I deliver opinion based on the facts, and whether I feel I have significant expertise in the issue. My balance of plaintiff/defendant cases is about 50/50%. BASIS FOR OPINIONS: • Twenty years of studying defamation law. • Twenty-five years in programming and online forums. • Thirty years as a mainstream journalist and editor. • Being a CFO, financial software designer, and digital analyst. • Founding Principal of Carroll Reputation, providing reputation management, promotion, and repair. • Have been the named expert in approximately 35 cases, delivered 30 reports, deposed 12 times, and testified in court 7 times. For further information please download my CV or a list of reports/testimony from this website, see, or contact me by phone or email for a consultation or fee schedule.