Michael J. Canaan, CPP Expert Witness
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Security and Premises Liability

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Premises liability, security, inadequate, negligence, training, supervision, use of force, bar, nightclub, casino, apartment, foreseeability, investigation, voyeurism, employment, screening, background, assault, rape, robbery, hiring, pre-employment, surveillance, violence, shooting, stabbing


BA - Criminal Justice, Washington State University

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Additional Information

FORENSIC SECURITY PREMISES LIABILITY EXPERT with over forty-five years of experience in professional security, investigative, military, and law enforcement fields. That extensive BACKGROUND AND TRAINING has allowed me to become familiar with professional security industry standards and best practices. BOARD CERTIFIED IN SECURITY MANAGEMENT by the American Society for Industrial Security, International. This credential is the security profession's highest recognition of practitioners. ASIS is the world's largest membership of security management professionals, with 35,000 members, and is the premier source for learning, board certification, networking, and standards. HONORABLY SERVED in the United States Marine Corps, supporting the Presidential Helicopter Mission as security aboard Marine One, the Presidential helicopter. Also served as a Military Police Watch Commander and Patrol Supervisor, Military Working Dog Handler, Kennel Master, and Canine Trainer for the Third Marine Division in Okinawa, Japan. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE DEGREE is in Criminal Justice from Washington State University with supporting courses in Business Administration and Political Science. CURRENT OR FORMER INSTRUCTOR in many security and law enforcement disciplines, including handgun, shotgun, patrol rifle, scope precision rifle, TASER, OC sprays, handcuffing, baton, as well as security practices, policies, and procedures. Expert WORK often involves evaluating professional security industry standards of care and best practices concerning hiring, training, supervision, staffing, deployment, use of force, policies and procedures, and physical security systems. ASSIGNMENT locations have ranged from the Bering Sea to Southeast Alaska, across Canada and the United States, and to several countries in Central and South America. ASSESSMENTS AND EVALUATIONS have been conducted in educational settings, corporate offices, manufacturing, processing facilities, warehousing, retail, food service, hotels, grocery, ships, refineries, assisted living, low-income housing, apartments, condominiums, dormitories, estate residences, media offices, hotels, opera houses, large events, convention centers, amphitheaters, coliseums, stadiums, casinos, nightclubs, sports bars, shopping centers, and malls. NEGLIGENT SECURITY cases have ranged from improper security system installation, inadequate, and negligent security, negligent hiring, training and supervision, excessive force, unlawful imprisonment, harassment, stalking, threats, assaults, voyeurism, sexual assault, rape, robbery, vessel piracy, stabbings, shootings, and homicide. Of the 65-plus federal and state security expert cases worked, 80 percent have been for the defense, with testimony in thirteen depositions and three trials.