George W Hicks, MD Expert Witness
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General Specialties:

Otology and Otolaryngology

Specialty Focus:

Hearing Loss, Dizziness, Vertigo, Imbalance, Ototoxicity, Tinnitus, Facial Nerve Disorders, Chronic Ear Disease, Noise Induced Hearing Loss, Meniere's Disease, Ear Tumors, Deafness, Audiology


BS, St Peter's University; MD, St. Louis University; Otolaryngology Residency, Indiana University; Otology/Neurotology Preceptorship, Wright Institute of Otology

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Additional Information

[email protected] EXPERIENCE • Evaluation and treatment of: a. Ear/hearing disorders - progressive hearing loss, sudden hearing loss, occupational and noise induced hearing loss, tinnitus, otosclerosis, chronic ear infections and surgery, hearing aids, cochlear implants b. Balance disorders - vertigo, dizziness, Meniere’s disease, ototoxicity due to drugs, migraine dizziness, superior canal dehiscence c. Facial nerve disorders d. Skull base tumors - acoustic neuromas, all tumors affecting the ear, temporal bone, or posterior fossa • Consultant, evaluator, and expert witness regarding medical-legal issues • Co-author of 30+ peer-reviewed publications pertaining to ear/hearing/balance diseases • National and international lecturer on hearing/balance topics; Course director for numerous seminars on hearing/balance disorders • Practice/experience information and complete resume available upon request APPOINTMENTS • President, Midwest Ear Institute, Indianapolis • Co-investigator of middle ear implants and multi-channel cochlear implants, Eli Lilly & Co. • Governor’s Committee of Hearing Aid Dealer Examiners, Indiana • Balance & Equilibrium Committee-American Neurotology Society ACADEMIC POSITIONS • Clinical Instructor-Indiana University School of Medicine Department of Otolaryngology, Indianapolis • Lecturer-St. Vincent Health and Hospital Services, Community Hospitals Indianapolis • Clinical Instructor-Richard Roudebush Veterans Administration Hospital, Indianapolis PROFESSIONAL SOCIETY MEMBERSHIPS • American Neurotology Society, Otosclerosis Study Group, Fellow: American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, Prosper Meniere’s Society, Triologic Society, American Tinnitus Association, Indiana Academy of Otolaryngology, Indiana State Medical Society.