L. David Givler, MSCE, PE Expert Witness

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General Specialties:

Civil Engineering and Hydrology

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flood, drainage, storm, water, floodplain, dam, hydraulics, FEMA, municipal, stormwater regulation, flood plain analysis, dam construction and maintenance, road construction and repair, water resources, runoff, flow, pipe, street, utility


MS Civil Engineering, Lehigh University; BS Civil Engineering, Lafayette College

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Additional Information

Registration Professional Engineer, 1990 (PA No. PE 040565 E), 1993 (TX No. 73842), 2023 (OH No. PE.88791), 2023 (KY No. 38514), 2023 (OK No. 34041), 2023 (FL No. PE95991), 2023 (NM No. 28602), 2023 (MI No. 6201312442) Experience Experienced in hydrology and hydraulics. Performed numerous flood studies for rivers and creeks, bridge hydraulic studies, reservoir analyses, drainage designs and storm water pollution prevention plan designs. Experienced with dams. Designed new dams, performed inspections, analyzed seepage conditions, developed rehabilitation programs, developed Emergency Action Plans, developed foundation-grouting programs and constructed and operated physical models. Experienced city engineer, having served in multiple cities. Designed public street, drainage, and utility improvements. Reviewed subdivision plats, proposed utility modifications and ordinances. Experienced in site development and subdivisions. Designed roads, utilities, lot layouts, grading plans, detention ponds and drainage systems for residential and commercial subdivisions. Experienced in public presentations and teaching. Taught university-level lab classes and recitations as a teaching assistant. Made numerous public presentations at city council meetings and public hearings as a city engineer. Experienced as an expert witness. Participated in over 90 cases, authoring numerous reports, appearing in depositions at least 17 times, and testifying in court at least 5 times. Licensed Professional Engineer in eight states: Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Texas.