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General Specialties: Pediatric Physical Medicine & Rehab and Physical Medicine & Rehab

Specialty Focus: Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Concussion, Future Ability to Walk, Future Educational/Vocational Potential, Childhood Disability, Neurorehabilitation, Shaken Baby, Multiple Trauma, Cerebral Palsy, Quality of Life, Impact on Caregiver, Cognitive Impairment, School Accomodations

Education: MD, UT Southwestern Medical School; Internship, St. Paul Hospital; Residency, Baylor University Medical Center; Fellowship, Children's Medical Center Dallas, UTSW Med. School

Years in Practice: 10

Additional Information

Wendy E. Goodwin, MD, is board certified in both (adult) Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine. She is one of fewer than 250 such specialists in the U.S. who are board certified in Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine. As an attending physician / assistant clinical professor at UT Southwestern / Children’s Medical Center, she worked daily with children with cerebral palsy / chronic developmental disabilities and in the acute hospital, spending much time in the ICU. There she cared for acutely injured children – many battered babies, drownings, car wreck victims, critically ill cancer and heart transplant patients, etc. She has experience caring for children along the spectrum of Traumatic Brain Injury – from shortly after their accidents in the ICU – to many years later in the clinic setting. This is a breadth of experience that not many physicians get. Dr. Goodwin’s unique value to both plaintiff attorneys and defense attorneys as an expert witness is her familiarity with the impact of injury on a child’s surroundings, such as their schooling, family dynamics, hobby or sport participation and future educational /vocational prospects.