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Nurse and Nurse Practitioner

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Cardiology, Cardiovascular, Nursing, Nursing Malpractice, General Nursing Practices, Emergency Nursing, Board Certified, ANP, NP, RN, CRNA, CNM, Standard of Care, Expert Witness, LNC, Legal Nurse Consultant, Medical Record Review, Medical Records, Personal Injury, Standard of Care, Wrongful Death

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Vera Juris is a national medical-legal consulting firm that provides nurse expert witnesses and legal nurse consultants to medical malpractice, personal injury and medical product liability attorneys. We help both plaintiff and defense lawyers develop an informed understanding of the facts of healthcare delivery in medical cases and the resulting outcomes. Our team provides a complete array of medical-legal services related to medical record analysis and case reviews. We help attorneys cost-effectively achieve the best outcome for their clients by providing objective opinions on the quality of healthcare delivery. Unlike most solo medical-legal practices, the Vera Juris team includes seasoned nurse expert witnesses and legal nurse consultants with clinical experience in every medical specialty so that we can provide efficient expertise on every case. Vera Juris delivers compelling value to attorneys involved in medically-related litigation by: - Helping you develop the strongest case and best result for your clients - Providing a clear understanding of the facts in medical cases - Realizing a more economical use of your resources - Leverage the experience of an appropriate specialist Vera Juris provides attorneys with a nationwide network of nurse expert witnesses from almost every medical specialty. We can discuss your case at no cost to you to help you identify the appropriate nursing expert for your case. Our nursing experts provide the following services: - Educate attorneys regarding medical facts and issues relating to a case or claim - Review medical records, evidence and applicable literature to determine the merit of a case - Define applicable Standards of Care - Objectively evaluate cases for deviations from and adherences to applicable standards of care - Prepare written reports on opinions regarding standard of care - Provide testimony at trials, depositions, arbitrations, mediations and hearings.