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Premises Liability and Construction Defects

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Accident Investigation, Building Codes, ADA, Accessibility, Slip Trip & Fall, Forensic, Architecture, Engineering, E&O, Errors and Omissions, Construction Defects, Mold, Cruise Ship, Maintenance, Building Inspection, Insurance Claims, Disaster Recovery, Failure Analysis, Property Insurance


1970 Bachelor of Architecture, University of Florida; 1971 Master of Arts in Architecture, University of Florida; 1986 Master of City Planning, University of Pennsylvania; 1986 Ph.D., Architecture, University of Pennsylvania

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As forensic architects and engineers, we strive to provide our clients with superior expert witness services by combining the latest in technological advances with our staff’s decades of experience. Our continued practice in architecture enables us to build a customized team of experts from multiple disciplines to find an optimized solution for your case. Dr. Henry, our lead expert, utilizes three components in his case development: (1) a detailed timeline, (2) an analysis of the governing codes and documentation, and (3) the application of the facts to those governing codes. His reports and testimony are presented in a simple, clear manner that is easily understood. This approach has had a proven impact on the outcomes of past matters, whether in settlement, mediation, arbitration, or at trial. RGA Design Forensics’ main areas of expertise are premises liability, property insurance litigation, and architectural errors and omissions (E&O) claims. Premises Liability - Whether a slip trip & fall or some other incident, RGA works with both plaintiff and defense counsels to determine adherence to or deviation from governing codes, standards, and guidelines around the site. This information is vital in determining causality in a case. Forensic Architect and Engineer for Property Insurance Litigation - Determining what circumstances caused damage after a storm loss such as hurricane, flood, tornado, or fire is key to helping the insured be compensated properly during recovery from a disaster. RGA’s experts can quickly deploy for site inspections and interpret maintenance records, photography, laboratory testing and other documents. Understanding the causes of the damage is the valuable information needed for premises owners to get proper compensation from insurance carriers. Architectural and Engineering Professional Errors & Omissions Claims - What are architect’s and engineer's responsibilities and how liable are they when something goes wrong? Each state has its own rules regarding the practice of architecture and engineering. By examining contract documents, communication between parties, and other data, a timeline can be established. From there, responsibility and liability can be ascertained. Dr. Henry's PhD Dissertation not only discusses this topic, but he's also written a book on it, Return of the Master Builder, and been called to testify on E&O matters across the country.