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Specialties & Experience of this Expert Witness

General Specialties:

Premises Liability and Disaster Recovery

Specialty Focus:

Accident scene investigation, Building codes, ADA, Accessibility, Slip and fall, Trip and fall, Architecture, Construction, Mold, Cruise ship, Maintenance, Assisted Living, Building Inspection, Restoration, Insurance Claims, Construction Defects, Disaster Recovery, Failure Analysis, Property Damage


1970 Bachelor of Architecture, University of Florida; 1971 Master of Arts in Architecture, University of Florida; 1986 Master of City Planning, University of Pennsylvania; 1986 Ph.D., Architecture, University of Pennsylvania

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Additional Information

RGA Design Forensics: Providing customized expert witness solutions through experience and cutting edge technology. At RGA Design Forensics we strive to provide our clients with superior expert witness services by combining the latest in technological advances with the knowledge and expertise of our staff gained through decades of training and experience. ​ Our three main areas of expertise are premises liability, construction litigation, and ADA compliance. We provide tailored and customized expert witness solutions to meet the needs of our client's particular situation. ​ We aim to deliver this expert advice in a timely and efficient manner, handling each matter with a high level of accountability and responsiveness. Dr. Henry, our lead expert, typically utilizes three analytical components in his case development: a detailed timeline, an analysis of the applicable codes, and the application of the facts to the law. His reports and testimony are presented in a simple, clear manner that is easily understood. Always included as needed are detailed as-built site drawings, animation, specialized photography, 3D models, and computer generated presentations. As applicable, each case includes on-site investigation and coordination with experts in related fields. This approach has a demonstrable impact on the outcome of the matter, whether in settlement, mediation or arbitration, or at trial. Dr. Henry is regularly retained as an expert in premises liability matters related to slip and fall accidents, American Disabilities Act (ADA) violations, assisted living facilities, wrongful death, and injuries stemming from non-code compliant facilities, contractor/architect/owner disputes, and land-use regulatory relief. He has also been retained on matters relating to building and maintenance codes, construction defects, toxic molds, and cruise ship accidents.