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Psychology and Forensic Psychology

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Emotional Damages PTSD, Evaluating Credibility Allegations of Sexual Abuse/Harassment, Personal Injury Child and Adult, Physical injury PTSD, Medical Malpractice PTSD, Vaccine Injury Compensation PTSD, Criminal Sexual Misconduct, Factitious disorder,


PhD, University of Minnesota; M.S., University of Wisconsin; B.S., Bethel College

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Additional Information

Dr. McNaught is both a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist and has been in practice for over 35 years. Dr. McNaught works with both children and adults and specializes in the evaluation of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder within the context of Civil and Criminal Law. Hired by both the Defense and Plaintiff, she has testified on more than 500 occasions and conducted more than 1700 forensic evaluations. Dr. McNaught has been qualified in a number of states as well as Federal Court. She has also been retained and qualified by the US Army and Navy as an expert in PTSD. Dr. McNaught is particularly skilled in utilizing psychological testing to assess psychological injuries as well as reliability issues involved in Criminal Sexual Misconduct cases. She uses data obtained from psychological tests as demonstrative evidence to substantiate her expert opinions when testifying. The following are examples of cases Dr.McNaught has been involved in when allegations of PTSD are alleged in civil cases: *Sexual Abuse of Children and Adults within Institutional Settings such as Schools, Churches, Hospitals, Treatment Centers; *Assessing the Emotional Impact of Sexual Abuse *Cases Involving Physical Injuries and Death where PTSD is alleged *PTSD in Combat Veterans *Sexual Harassment & Age Discrimination *Wrongful Death *Infant Death *Medical Malpractice *Scarring *Dismemberment *Dog Bite *Vaccine Compensation *Burn/Electrocution Dr.McNaught has been involved in the following types of Criminal cases: *Assessing the Credibility of Adult and Child Sexual Abuse Victims *Recantation *Memory Issues/Confabulation *Standard of Care regarding Interviews with Child Sexual Abuse Victims *Assessment of Psychological issues Impacting Sentencing *Characteristics of Sexual Abuse Victims and Disclosure Patterns