Alan L Shabo, MD Expert Witness

Contact Information

  • Company: Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology, UCLA/Jules Stein Eye Institute
  • Phone: 310 824 9661
  • Cell: 310 857 8001
  • Fax: 424 272 9032
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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Ophthalmology

Specialty Focus: Eye Injuries/Accidents (including automobile) involving eyes, orbits and/or head trauma,eye surgery complications, diabetic eye diseases, laser procedures, and malpractice for defense and plaintiff

Education: AB, UCLA, Phi Beta Kappa; MS, UCLA, Dept. of Anatomy; MD, UCLA School of Medicine, Highest Honors; 1970-1972, Staff Associate At National Institutes of Health

Years in Practice: 25

Number of Times Deposed/Testified in Last 4 Yrs: 40

Additional Information

Participant in over 200 cases including Independent Medical Examinations, Depositions and Trial Testimony in civil and criminal cases, appointed eye expert-Los Angeles Superior Court, Travel: have performed examinations, trial testimony in other cities. Recently appointed as Ophthalmology Consultant to the Dept. of Justice, Atty. General and as Ophthalmology Expert for the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Comprehensive Review of Records, Written Reports Prepared and Provided in a Timely Manner, Examinations Available on an Expedited Basis, can represent defense or plaintiff. Consultant, Dept. of Justice, Atty. General, State of California.