Robert O Peruzzi, PhD, PE Expert Witness
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Specialties & Experience of this Expert Witness

General Specialties:

Electronics and Engineering

Specialty Focus:

Integrated Circuits (ICs), Patent Infringement, Mixed-Signal, Analog, Radio Frequency (RF), Signal-Processing, Analog-to-Digital (A/D), Digital-to-Analog (D/A), Control Systems, Semiconductor, System on Chip, SOC


Ph. D. Electrical Engineering, Lehigh University; M. S. Electrical Engineering, Lehigh University; B. S. Electrical Engineering, Northeastern University

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Additional Information

My sub-specialty within the broad category of electrical engineering is with integrated circuits (or complete systems) used for signal-processing, which • Detect signals from a sensor (e.g. antenna, microphone etc. • Amplify, filter, then convert to digital • Process further in the digital domain • Convert the result back to the analog domain for further processing, and/or • Deliver the final output to an actuator (e.g. antenna, speaker, video display, heater control-switch etc.). Examples of these systems are • Mobile and cell phones • Recording and retrieving systems for disk drives or tape • Radio transmitters/receivers and their building blocks such as low noise amplifiers, filters, automatic gain control and frequency mixers (down-converters, up-converters) • Audio amplifiers • Audio recording/reproduction systems • Heat, ventilation and air conditioning controllers • Data transmitting/receiving systems such as serializer/de-serializers (SERDES)