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  • Company: University of Michigan / Employee Motivation & Performance Assessment
  • Phone: 734-368-3348
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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Employment and Statistics

Specialty Focus: Opinion Surveys; Questionnaire; Skill Assessments; Workplace Assessments; Employee Surveys; Survey Design; Survey Validity; Survey Reliability; Attitude Survey; Discrimination; Personality Assessment; Statistics in the Workplace, Disparate impact, Retaliation in the Workplace, Performance Appraisals

Education: PhD, MPhil., Columbia University; Master of Philosophy, Columbia University; MA, University of Chicago

Years in Practice: 30+

Additional Information

Dr. Morrel-Samuels received an MA in research methodology from the University of Chicago, as well as an M. Phil. and a Ph.D. in experimental social psychology from Columbia University. He is one of the few expert witnesses in the country whose work occupies the intersection of three areas: the psychometrics of assessments design, statistical analysis of "big data" analytics, and disparate impact in the workplace. He has more than 30 years’ experience designing and analyzing assessments for employees in government and large corporations. He often serves as a Lecturer at the University of Michigan, where he teaches graduate-level classes on survey design, statistics, and research methodology. Practical experience includes assessment services for non-profit organizations, (e.g., Blue Cross-Blue Shield), government agencies (e.g., the Department of Justice), and numerous Fortune 500 companies (e.g., FedEx, GM, California Edison, Bank of America, Xerox, Sprint, Coca-Cola, Sears, and Disney). He is the author of four patented employee assessments, and has been an expert resource for the New York Times, Detroit News, and the Wall Street Journal. Dr. Morrel-Samuels has testified to Congress on employee motivation and its linkage to objective performance metrics; he has also served as an expert witness for both plaintiffs and defendants by providing statistical analysis of very large datasets in four types of lawsuits: employment discrimination cases; contract disputes, pension lawsuits, and litigation that hinges on surveys, assessments, or employee evaluations. In addition to his teaching responsibilities at the University of Michigan he is also CEO of EMPA (, a company that has designed and analyzed assessments for more than 7 million employees in over 70 countries.