W. Anthony Gerard, MD, FACEP, FAAFP Expert Witness

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General Specialties:

Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine

Keywords/Search Terms:

Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Urgent Care, Family Physicians in Emergency Medicine, Rural Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medicine Workforce, Physician Credentialing, Criminal Defense Cases, Emergency Medicine Malpractice, Insurance Reviews, Peer Review


BS, Biology, Geneva College; MD, Penn State, Hershey

Years in Practice:

25 +

Number of Times Deposed/Testified in Last 4 Yrs:


Additional Information

URGENT CARE, FAMILY MEDICINE, EMERGENCY MEDICINE Full time clinician and assistant clinical professor. Prompt and professional expert on the standard of care for family medicine, urgent care and emergency medicine. Reasonable rates, and expedited reviews when necessary: I'm always willing to discuss a case without obligation. Published author on family physicians in emergency medicine; workforce and credentialing issues in EM. Full-time practice of EM, part time urgent care, Family practice trained emergency physician; broad scope of practice that includes the initial management of most clinical conditions. Some Key terms for searching : sore throat, peritonsilar abscess, mastoiditis, allergic reaction, glacoma, eye injury, loss of vision, double vision, vertigo, cerebellar, anaphylaxis, airway management, failure to intubate, arrythmias, chest injury, trauma, pneumonia, pneumothorax, chest pain, heart disease, other myocardial diseases, pericardial tamponade, pulmonary embolus,aortic dissection, heart failure, other lung diseases,asthma, COPD, orthopedic problems (sprains, fractures,other injuries, back pain/ cauda equina),wound care (infections, missed foreign bodies, tendon injury),cancer diagnosis and screening, mental illness( depression, anxiety, suicide),gastrointestinal emergencies ( abdominal pain, appendicitis, ulcers, etc. ), gynecological emergencies (eg. ectopic pregnancy), neurological emergencies ( meningitis, herniated disc, multiple sclerosis); hematological emergencies ( bleeding), infections ( MRSA, sepsis, shock), diabetes complications ( DKA), hypertensive emergencies, diagnostic errors,urinary tract infections, urosepsis, pregancy issues ( preeclampsia), dermatological issues ( rash, Steven's Johnson's, cellulitis), other terms and concepts: D-dimer, thrombolysis, CT scan, MRI; CPR; EMS; poisoning, overdose; poison center; toxicologist. Missed and delayed diagnosis, medication ( drug) errors, negligence, medical errors.