Arlen M Leiner Expert Witness
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General Specialties: Maritime and Accident Reconstruction

Specialty Focus: Marine Boat and ship survey,condition,appraisal inspection and valuation, Infrared Thermal Imaging, Accident Reconstruction, including death,fire collision sinking, slip and falls, boatyard accidents, Diminished Valuation seaworthiness, Boat Proper Repairs and Build, Boat and ship engines, Paint

Education: Engineering, University of Toledo; Business, University of Toledo

Years in Practice: 46

Number of Times Deposed/Testified in Last 4 Yrs: 125+

Additional Information

I am a licensed USCG Master since 1963 and have held a USCG Engineering License > 4000 H.P. My experience goes all the way back as a boy of six starting in my family's business of party and commercial fishing boats (a family business which goes back to the 1920's in New York). As I grew older I worked in the engine repair facilities and boatyards my family owned. At 14 I was docking 140' boats. I have done hundreds of inspections, depositions & court cases since the mid 1980's including work on the BP Deep Horizon oil spill. I have testified as an expert witness in cases world wide as well as the U.S. & Florida. I have done accident reconstruction on small craft, yachts, as well as commercial fishing & work boats & large ships including the newest 1000' long passenger ships. These include collisions, sinkings, fire, groundings, death cases including alcohol related. I have also done diminished value claims. My business has built over 150 vessels in Fiberglass, composite, wood, steel & aluminum under the USCG Hull Identification AMS and in earlier years, before Hull Identifications, the "Ocean Horse" label. I have attended most of the marine engine schools over the years and did some work for GM on the early upgrades of the 53 & 71 engines as a young engineer. I am a certified FLIR Infrared thermographer as well as a certified Non-destructive Testing Audiogauger & have all the latest equipment including engine computers, bore-scopes, & ultrasound equipment in addition to the infrared thermal Imager and audio-gauge. I attend various schools & seminars throughout the year on accident reconstruction, electrical, and vessel construction. I do work for the Polish Registrar of Shipping, Lloyd's of London, as well as several French & domestic insurance companies. I HAVE BEEN HIRED BY BOTH PLAINTIFF AND DEFENSE AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ACCEPTED AS AN EXPERT WITNESS. MY POSITION IS ALWAYS "JUST THE FACTS".