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Chemistry & Chemicals and Intellectual Property

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Agricultural Biotechnology Regulation, Psychedelic Therapeutics Manufacturing, Patent Infringement, Product Development , Patent Litigation, Chemical Process Safety, Bio-Lubricants, GMP Compliance in Chemical & Food Manufacturing, Chemical Accident, Chemical Fires & Explosions, Chemical Analysis


PhD in Inorganic Chemistry, Purdue University; BS in Chemistry, Southeast Missouri State University

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Additional Information

Overview Dr. Jerry Heise offers a distinguished career in chemistry, intellectual property management, and regulatory affairs, spanning over 25 years. With a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from Purdue University, Dr. Heise is a recognized leader in the fields of chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical therapeutics, and agricultural biotechnology. His deep expertise is highlighted by his significant contributions to the development and commercialization of groundbreaking chemical processes and products, as well as his leadership in intellectual property protection and global regulatory compliance. Professional Experience Dr. Heise has held a variety of senior management roles in Bayer Crop Science (formerly Monsanto), where he led complex projects from concept through to market launch. He managed all aspects of Monsanto’s Intellectual Property Protection Program, where he successfully enhanced the program’s effectiveness by 300%. His efforts in regulatory affairs ensured global product approvals and fostered strong relationships with multinational partners. As Chief Technology Officer at Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc., Dr. Heise developed the company’s IP strategy and supporting patents. As co-founder and COO at Heya Wellness, he designed three cannabis manufacturing facilities and developed cGMP SOPs incorporating HACCP guaranteeing quality and safety. Currently Dr. Heise is CTO of Arch Bioenergy, a company focused on converting cellulosic biomass into renewable fuels. Significant Achievements Dr. Heise has been instrumental in the development of 18 patented technologies that have revolutionized industry practices, particularly in the fields of agriculture and pharmaceuticals. His work has led to the creation of environmentally friendly chemical processes, such as the selective oxidation of elemental phosphorus using water as an oxidizing agent. His leadership in the development of the “Seed Treatment of the Future” and his role in advancing soybean oil modifications for industrial uses highlight his innovative approach to product development and commitment to sustainable practices. Education PhD, Inorganic Chemistry, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN BS, Chemistry, Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, MO Professional Recognition Dr. Heise's contributions to chemistry and industry have been recognized with numerous awards, including nominations for the Presidential Green Chemistry Award and multiple Rapid Recognition Awards for his innovative solutions in product development and regulatory compliance. Publications and Patents Dr. Heise has authored and co-authored numerous publications in esteemed journals and holds 18 U.S. patents related to chemical processes and compositions. These publications and patents underscore his profound knowledge and continuous contributions to scientific research and innovation. Teaching and Leadership As an experienced presenter and communicator, Dr. Heise has conducted numerous workshops and seminars, sharing his knowledge and insights on chemical innovation, intellectual property strategies, and regulatory affairs. His leadership roles on executive boards, including the Seed Innovation and Protection Alliance, have allowed him to influence industry standards and practices, further demonstrating his commitment to the advancement of his fields of expertise.