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Pharmacist, Pharmacy, Pharm. D, Medication Therapy Management, Drug, Vaccine, Diabetes


Doctor of Pharmacy , Harding University; Bachelor of Science in Biology, The University of Texas at Arlington

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Airen Edebiri is a highly experienced Doctor of Pharmacy with 17 years of expertise in community pharmacy settings. Specializing in medication therapy management, regulatory compliance, and patient care, He possesses a deep understanding of pharmaceutical practices, standards of care, & legal regulations. He offers expert testimony and consultation services for legal cases involving pharmacy regulations, medication errors, adverse drug reactions, and standard-of-care issues. - Expertise - ● Community Pharmacy Practice: Extensive experience in all aspects of retail pharmacy operations, including prescription dispensing, medication therapy management, patient counseling, and regulatory compliance. ● Medication Errors: Expertise in identifying, analyzing, and preventing medication errors, including root cause analysis and risk mitigation strategies. ● Adverse Drug Reactions: In-depth knowledge of adverse drug reactions, their causes, and potential legal implications. ● Pharmacy Law and Regulations: Thorough understanding of state and federal pharmacy laws, regulations, and standards of care. ● Expert Testimony: Experience providing clear, concise, and objective expert testimony in legal proceedings. ● Expertise in medication safety encompasses in-depth analysis of drug interactions, adverse reactions, overdoses, and medication errors. This includes a thorough review of medical records, scientific literature, and patient histories to assess causation and potential liability in legal cases. A deep understanding of pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacogenomics is applied to evaluate the impact of medications on individual patients. Additionally, knowledge of regulatory compliance and drug development processes ensures adherence to legal and ethical standards. - Education - ● Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), Harding University ● Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Texas at Arlington - Professional Experience - ● Pharmacy Manager: Overseeing pharmacy operations, personnel management, inventory control, and regulatory compliance. ● Staff Pharmacist: Providing direct patient care, medication counseling, and medication therapy management. ● Pharmacy Intern: Gaining hands-on experience in dispensing medications, patient education, and pharmacy workflow. ● Pharmacy Technician: Developing foundational skills in medication preparation, inventory management, and customer service. - Services - ● Case Review and Analysis: Comprehensive review of medical records, pharmacy records, and other relevant documents to assess the facts and identify key issues. ● Expert Reports: Preparation of detailed, well-reasoned expert reports that clearly articulate opinions and conclusions. ● Depositions and Trial Testimony: Providing expert testimony in depositions and trials, explaining complex pharmaceutical concepts in a clear and understandable manner. ● Consultation: Offering expert consultation to attorneys, insurers, and other parties on pharmacy-related legal matters.