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Engineering and Construction Defects

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Building Inspection, Civil Engineering, Construction Defects, Failure Analysis, Structural Engineering, Roof Analysis, Water Leaks, Geotech Engineering, Forensic Engineering, Stucco - EIFS, Grade Drainage, Foundation Settlement, Retaining Walls, Cause & Origin, Building Codes, Standard of Care


Civil Engineering , University of Missouri Columbia

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Frank Comer is an experienced engineer specializing in the civil, structural, geotechnical and environmental fields. Licensed in the state of Missouri, he holds a reciprocity license in Kansas, is registered w NCEES to access other state licenses. Founder and sole owner of Property Services Team, LLC, dba PST Engineering, Frank has been inspecting, designing and consulting under PST since 1999. He has been in the insurance adjusting and engineering field for over 35 years. PST provides design for new homes and buildings (complete construction and additions), design consulting to other professionals (engineers and architects), due-diligence and construction, QA/QC inspections, as well as forensic and cause and origin investigations for many different building- and property-related products and their design and installation. PST’s team also performs reviews for agricultural, warehouse, manufacturing, other commercial structures & facilities, historical buildings and residential structures from small elements and structures to large developments and/or communities as well as special inspections and 3rd-party inspections, reporting to a variety of municipalities on behalf of property owners. Frank has investigated, inspected and developed repair designs and detailing and cost-to-repair analyses for many structures including agricultural, warehouse, manufacturing, commercial and single- /multifamily residential buildings. Throughout his career he has reviewed building codes, standards for construction and repair work/design, as well as new construction design. Through his involvement in countless diverse projects, Frank’s extensive experience includes: new, middle-aged and older building construction (inclusive of the evaluation and design of these structures); determining loading capacities, longevities of existing materials, condition assessments and certifying collapse danger. Collapse and failure are conditions he evaluates and reports on weekly. He has extensive experience with older construction materials and those used in historical building such as stone, cinder block, and other clay and masonry block products. He has designed and inspected new, replacement and supplemental building foundation support piers (up to 75' below ground), steel and steel connections (welds/custom connections) for buildings, residences and appurtenant structures; commercial & residential swimming pools; elevated concrete deck structures; pole barns, “barn-dominiums,” farm buildings and many other structures including those with large foundations meant to withstand high snow and wind loading, fire escapes and other building structural elements and systems. He has inspected and evaluated insulation and fireproofing materials and installation; varied weather barriers, older vs newer building systems, as well as mechanical, electrical & plumbing systems, as-built installations. He has also performed peer reviews of architectural, civil and structural designs; and performed condition assessments of numerous buildings and structures from aged & historical (prior to 1900s, early to mid-1900s) and post 1960s. In many cases he has been asked to investigate storm-caused damage and the claim of same. Frank’s been involved in the investigation, cause & origin report production and estimation of cost-to-cure of varied leak-and-moisture intrusion cases (some litigated), inclusive of failures due to design or installation; product/manufacturer faults and contractor/subcontractor-deficiency-related failures; as well as normal age and wear and exposure to normal weather elements. He has assisted in the repair/repair design, of many different building material failures and/or repair work, inclusive of age- and wear-caused damage, and damages caused by lack of maintenance, misuse, adjacent work, storm, and manufacturer- or installation-caused damages. (for the rest of this qualifications document contact the office manager at PST at [email protected]).