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  • Company: Former IBM, ABB, Mitsubishi Chemical, and Linde
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Chemistry & Chemicals and Intellectual Property

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Fuels/Biofuels, Firearms, Energy , Electrophotography , Sunscreen , Nutraceuticals , Wind Turbines , Medical Devices , Oil/Gas Exploration, Patents/Valuation , Semiconductors , Encryption/Security, Toys/Games , Chem/Materials , Adhesives , Polymers , Wire/Cable, Radiation , Personal Care , Robotics


PhD Chemical Engineering , North Carolina State University ; MS Chemical Engineering , University of Massachusetts, Amherst ; BS Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science , Duke University ; AB Chemistry , Duke University

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Additional Information

Guerry Grune, Ph.D., PA - Duke University Professor/Registered US Patent Agent Dr. Grune is a chemical, mechanical, materials science engineer, and chemist with expertise in chemical, mechanical, electrical, and medical products. His combined experience includes assisting clients in the pursuit of intellectual property protection for the last 35+ years. His industrial expertise extends to extrusion and molding of thermoset and thermoplastics, rubbers, textiles, metals, lubricants, surfactants, emulsifiers, fiber optics and associated connecting peripherals, ceramics, liquid gases, and composite materials and systems. He has direct experience in chemical processes, formulation chemistries, polymers and composites, service life prediction, and risk analysis including risk reduction technologies. His passion involves the development of food grade edible personal care products including sunscreen, food grade edible alternatives to petroleum-based products such as Vaseline® and Neosporin®, and antimicrobial, antibacterial chelated silver oxide and zinc oxide using amino acids to ensure both bioavailability and biocompatibility. These efforts have resulted in the founding of 3rd Rock Essentials, where Guerry remains the owner and CEO. He has directed and participated in audit and certification procedures regarding FDA, EPA, USDA, ISO- 9000 and ISO-14000/life cycle assessment compliance. He has served as an expert witness in litigation proceedings including electrophotography, medical devices, fuel tanks and fuels, deicing fluids, and wire and cable and associated peripherals. Dr. Grune has advised, directed, and developed projects including IP protection for downhole oil and gas robotics; medical device; semiconductor microlithography; EMI/RFI shielding; flame retardants and fire prevention; latex paint and road pavement markers; diving and associated sporting goods equipment; food, beverage, water and waste water analysis; personal care formulations and packaging; 3D printing; liquid crystals polymers; gaskets and seals; nano and micro particle technologies; fibers and textiles; polymer chemical resistivity, wire and cable insulations; connectors and splices; environmental effects on durability, and product aging. He has also developed, designed, and scaled-up novel formulations, explosion and flame proof processes/products, and unique material combinations for the packaging and safety protection industries. He has further applied his expertise in developing products and processing for the following industries; solvents, fuels, biofuels, and fuel additives, adhesives, synthetic fibers and fiber physics, accelerated life testing for material failure/non-destructive analysis, petroleum products, coatings, fibers, films, extruded/molded products, prevention/elimination of toxic/hazardous substances associated with radiation exposure to UVA/UVB, improving telecom and wireless systems, road/transportation markers, electronics, energy transmission and distribution systems, construction designs, fire protection, medical, aviation, firearms, automotive, railroad, and many general consumer products. Skills include development and use of testing tools/methods applied to optical photoconductors (OPC), fuels, biofuels, fuel additives, personal skin/sun care protection, food/beverage, drinking water/waste-water systems analysis, cryogenic distillation (liquid gases), and downhole oil/gas recovery systems including tertiary oil recovery and fracing. Dr. Grune is a named inventor or co-inventor on over 150 US/PCT patents and pending patent applications. He assists clients with most matters related to intellectual property including; full preparation and prosecution of US and PCT applications, technical due diligence and trade secrets, patent infringement, patent validity disputes, valuation, qualification, acquisition integration, IP analysis, and patent litigation support. He has also written and prosecuted 400+ US/PCT applications.