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Investigation and Security

Keywords/Search Terms:

Death, Murder, Suicide, Homicide, Drowning, Accidental Death, Crime Scene Reconstruction, Ballistics, Negligent Security, False Arrest, False Confession, Overdose, Medicolegal Investigations, Blood Spatter, Video Analysis, Scene Staging, Human Smuggling, Scene Management, Case Management, Testimony

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Additional Information

Glenn Bukata is a motivated thirty-four-year law enforcement veteran with twenty-two years of experience in the Broward County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division Robbery and Homicide Units. Expertise in death and injury investigations. Involved in over five hundred death investigations related to Homicide, Infanticide, Suicide, Murdered of Law Enforcement Officers, Self-Defense, Police Involved Shootings, Drowning, Family Murders/Suicide, Dismemberment of Human Remains, Skeletal Remains, Hit and Run Traffic Fatalities, Human Smuggling, Negligent Security, Accidental Drug Overdoses, Drug Trafficking, Consumer and Mechanical Product Failure, Industrial Workplace Misfortunes, and Fatalities involving Public Transportation with Aircrafts, Trains, and Vessels. Participated in hundreds of postmortem examinations and collaborated with Medico-legal Professionals such as Medical Examiners, Forensics Odontologists, Entomologist, Toxicologist, Biologist, Archaeologist, and Forensic Anthropologist in determining the cause and manner of death and the unearthing and Identification of skeletal and dismembered human remains. Exceedingly skilled in Interview & Interrogation, cold case review, crime scene management, crime scene reconstruction, processing, evidence collection, preservation, evaluating, interpreting and determining negligence on crime scenes, double-blind line-ups, witness identifications and statements, confessions, false confessions, police policies, and examining the human body for trace and biological evidence, wounds caused by gunshots, blunt objects, edged weapons, and patterned injuries caused by tool marks and evaluate blood spatter, tire wear, footwear, time of death and crime scene staging. Expended Countless hours for courtroom preparation, depositions, motions to suppress, and presented testimony in over one hundred misdemeanor, felony, and capital felony hearings, depositions, and trials. Well-trained in crime prevention, threat assessment, negligent security, security consultation, discussions and interpreting cold case reviews, and emergency response services with exemplary leadership qualities. Collaborated extremely well with command staff, employees, and international, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies such as Scotland Yard, Secret Service, Department of State, FHP, DEA, FBI, OSHA, NTSB, FAA, DHS, CBP, US Coast Guard, medical examiners, attorneys, legal staff, other professionals, and the public. Responded to calls, assisted the public, rendered first aid, consoled victims, saved lives, secured crime scenes, wrote comprehensive reports, issued citations, affected nearly 1,000 arrests, and investigated crimes from theft to capital murder. I was an adjunct lecturer at the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, FAU, Nova University, Barry University, OSHA, various municipalities, and the US Coastguard.