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Otoneurology and Otology

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Hearing loss, Ear surgery, Stapedectomy, Cochlear implantation , Acoustic neuroma, Cyberknife, Stereotactic radiosurgery , Microsurgery, Facial nerve paralysis , CSF leak , Ménière’s disease , Vertigo, BPPV, Sudden hearing loss, Noise induced hearing loss, Cholesteatoma, Chronic otitis media


Neurotology and cranial base surgery, The Ohio State University College of Medicine; Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine; MD, Wayne State University School of Medicine; BS, Michigan State University

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I graduated from Wayne State School of Medicine in Detroit with high distinction, and while in medical school received an NIH grant to study the molecular biology of hearing loss. I then completed my otolaryngology and head and neck surgery residency at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. I subsequently completed a two-year fellowship in Neurotology and cranial base surgery at The Ohio State University. I have added certification in the treatment of skull base and intracranial pathology with stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy. I have been academically active and have published on a variety of topics in my field. I have had a special interest in the molecular biology of acoustic neuroma‘s and also hearing preservation when treating these tumors. I have published on reducing the radiation dose to the inner ear when treating acoustic neuroma’s in an attempt to preserve hearing. I have authored chapters in textbooks regarding the treatment of both acoustic neuromas and hearing loss. I help educate and mentor medical students and residents. I have given both research oriented academic lectures at national meetings, as well as informal presentations to local healthcare providers and members of the community I joined the Wichita Ear Clinic in 2001 and my occupation includes the medical and surgical management of hearing loss, vertigo, and infections and tumors of the ear and cranial base. I treat both adult and pediatric patients and have a busy clinical and surgical practice. I treat all forms of hearing loss. Hearing restoration modalities include medical, hearing aid amplification, and surgical solutions. I commonly operate on the eardrum and middle ear hearing bones to restore hearing. Additionally, I perform stapedectomy, bone anchored hearing surgery (BAHA), and cochlear implants. I run a busy cochlear implant program. My clinic has on site audiology and speech pathology. Preoperative work up and postoperative rehabilitation after implantation is done on site. I perform the cochlear implant surgery. I am familiar with, and treat the various forms of vertigo. My clinic has on site audio and vestibular testing. Treatment modalities include medical therapy, vestibular therapy, transtympanic medications, and surgery. I commonly treat both chronic otitis media and cholesteatoma. Surgeries performed include myringotomy and tubes, tympanoplasty, ossiculoplasty, tympanomastoidectomy, and at times more complex microsurgical procedures for the complications these disease processes may cause. My practice also includes Neurotology and treating tumors of the cranial base. These include schwannomas/acoustic neuroma, facial nerve tumors, glomus tumors, and various other pathology. Treatment modalities include observation, microsurgical resection, and stereotactic radiation. I additionally treat facial nerve disorders caused by primary facial nerve pathology, and those as a result of cranial base pathology. I have both testimony, and IME experience.