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Family Medicine and Geriatrics

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Correctional Medicine, Family Medicine, Correctional Healthcare, Geriatric Medicine, Med/Mal, Clinical Denials, Clinical Documentation Improvement


MD, University of Colorado

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Dr. FallHowe brings over 28 years of experience in healthcare to the table. Following her graduation from the University of Colorado School of Medicine, she completed her residency in family medicine and later pursued a fellowship in Geriatric medicine. Dr. FallHowe dedicated 21 years to correctional medicine, where she rose through the ranks from site medical director to Chief Medical Officer. In the often-challenging world of correctional medicine, where patients face unique health needs and limited resources, the potential for medical malpractice can be particularly concerning. As a correctional medicine med mal expert, I bridge the gap between medicine and law, meticulously examining cases where inmates may have received substandard care. My expertise lies in understanding the specific protocols and limitations of correctional healthcare settings. I analyze medical records, consult with relevant specialists, and assess whether a healthcare provider deviated from the accepted standard of care within this specialized environment. My goal is to ensure that the specific needs of incarcerated individuals are met, and that justice is served when medical negligence occurs within correctional facilities. On the flip side, the complexities of medical malpractice take on a unique dimension within correctional facilities. I also fiercely advocate for physicians navigating this challenging environment. I meticulously examine medical records, collaborate with specialists familiar with the correctional setting, and meticulously reconstruct the decision-making process. My goal is to demonstrate that the physician adhered to the established standards of care within a system with limited resources and complex security considerations. Ultimately, I strive to protect the reputation of skilled correctional physicians and ensure a fair outcome, acknowledging the specific challenges they face in providing quality care to a vulnerable population. Dr. FallHowe's extensive experience in both clinical medicine and healthcare management, data analysis, and program implementation provides a unique perspective that could be valuable to your legal team working on healthcare-related cases.