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  • Company: Froedtert and Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Phone: (517) 803-0473

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Emergency Medicine and Emergency Medical Services

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Toxiciology, Acute Care, Critical Care, Airway Management, Urgent Care, Vetrans Care, Ultrasound, Telemedicine


DO, Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

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Additional Information

I am a dedicated physician that works with all facets of the community at large to achieve optimal high-quality, evidenced based health care is a sustainable manner. My work involves both the civilian and veteran populations, pediatric and adult patients, as well as integrating care and communications across all levels of administration, management in addition to other physician and advanced practitioner, as there is continuous collaborating for the best patient outcomes. Educating residents and medical students as well as advance practitioners and scribes is also part of my daily practice. I am a life longer learner and enjoy the rigors of keeping up to date on current practices. Part of every practice is EMR, which I am well versed in and interface with multiple systems. Daily, I performing quality improvement and reviewing quality assessments in care. The zeal I have for life manifests into my daily work and family life, which strengths these dedicated efforts to achieve excellence in health care. Strengths: •Provides evidence-based care to adult patients with a broad range of chronic and acute conditions. •Has developed excellent diagnostic acumen by honing patient interview and physical exam skills. Utilizes deep fund of medical knowledge, data collection, pattern recognition and hypothesis generation to establish accurate diagnoses. •Orders and interprets diagnostic studies including laboratory tests, electrocardiograms, and a broad range of radiologic studies to inform medical decision making. •Maintains extensive knowledge of medications across many therapeutic indications, including a command of approved and off label indications,dosing, drug-drug interactions, and adverse event profiles. •Produces high-quality, concise documentation of patient history and care in electronic medical records to reflect findings and medical decision making. •Has earned reputation as an excellent communicator with peers, patients, and families. Handles conflict diplomatically. Provides strong leadership and astute clinical care using clear communication during emergencies. Known for remaining composed during high-stakes situations. •Fosters collegial working environment with peers, nurses, and other ancillary staff. Approaches inpatient care as a team effort and respects input from all caregivers. Works to reduce stress and build morale by modeling a positive attitude and incorporating appropriate humor. Dermatological procedures Managing practice operations Preventive skin care Test results interpretation Case management Patient care Insurance practices Medical Records Management Diagnosing illnesses Direct Patient Care •Demonstrated agility and adaptability during COVID-19 pandemic. Adjusted treatment plans based on evolving evidence and guidance. Modified approaches to care to ensure safety and quality. •Collaborates with oncologists to provide inpatient care to cancer patients. Has extensive experience in the care of patients receiving approved and investigational therapies including CAR-T, novel proteins, immunotherapies and other next-generation therapies. Has first-hand knowledge of product safety and efficacy profiles and experience managing associated adverse events