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  • Company: InterContinental HEAVY CIVIL ESTIMATOR INC. USA
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Construction and Dispute Resolution

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Detailed Cost Estimates, Quantity Survey, Means & Methods, Construction Techniques, Project Schedule, Nuclear Power Plant Concrete Structure, Suspension Bridge, Segmental Bridge, Arch Bridge, Marine Caisson Foundation, Pile Foundation, Roadways, Railways, Claim Preparation, Litigation Support


Civil Engineering, Gewerbeschule Basel Switzerland; Architecture, Gewerbeschule Basel Switzerland; Bauzeichner Lehre, Gewerbeschule Sarnen Switzerland; Transport Engineer, Swiss Army

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Responsible for managing independent cost estimate development establishing means-& methods and construction techniques for infrastructure projects in North America UK Switzerland France Germany Angola Ghana Liberia Panama Saudi Arabia. Over 50 years of experience in the fields of heavy civil concrete work nuclear power plants structures in California Texas New York Virginia Georgia UK for the concrete structures including reactor building turbine building radwaste building and control structures with associated large scale sitework and submerged water intake structures. Hundreds of kilometers of heavy roadway construction quarry development and operation for material sourcing heavy haul transport and roadbed construction including mobile and stationary asphalt plants concrete plants airfields and workers camps in the remote Northwest Territories Canada accessing the far North Artic Diamond Mines about 320 kilometers northeast of Yellowknife and 200 kilometer south of the Artic Circle. Railway bridges with suspended falsework method. Roadway Bridges: Cast-in-place post-tensioned and pre-cast pre-stressed concrete segmental bridge construction concrete and steel box girder bridges arch bridges. Expert for new-construction and retrofitting of suspension bridges in North America. Water conveying tunneling and shafts sink-shaft-method deep marine foundations. Invented methods and construction techniques for the safe advancing of large diameter 100 meter / 328 feet long pilings steel plate casing / caissons including on site bending / welding pipe fabrication pile - rock - socket construction with deep shaft rock-drilling over the top method. Superstructures structural steel and concrete. Developing Mass-concrete cooling procedures. Extensive sitework mass - excavation and excavation support systems. Temporary works scaffolding and shoring systems. Developed the Means-& Methods and Construction Techniques Quantity Surveys - Cost Estimates - and Project Schedules: US Department of Energy National Ignition Facility (NIF) Concrete Structures Livermore CA USA Dominion North Anna Nuclear Power Plant Concrete Structures GE-HITACHI 1600 Megawatt VA USA Dominion North Anna Nuclear Power Plant Concrete Structures MITSUBISHI 1700 Megawatt VA USA AP1000 Nuclear Power Plant Concrete Structures WESTINGHOUSE 1000 Megawatt Wales UK STP Nuclear Power Plant Concrete Structures TOSHIBA Unit 2 & 3 2700 Megawatt Bay City TX USA Bellefonte Nuclear Power Plant Re-Construction PWR Hollywood AL USA Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Submerged water intake structure Hudson River Buchanan NY USA US Department of Energy Site 300 Concrete Bunker for Nuclear Weapon Testing Livermore CA USA Antioch Steel Plate Girder Bridge Del Norte County CA San Francisco Steel Truss Bridge Foundation for Signature span CA Foundation work PacBell Sport Stadium San Francisco Foundation work San Francisco Airport San Francisco Golden Gate Suspension Bridge Pylon / Anchorage retrofit San Francisco S-shaped Cable Stayed Bridge Bus Ramp for Transbay Transit Center New York Manhattan Suspension Bridge New York Tappan Zee Cable Stayed Bridge Halifax NS Canada Angus L. Macdonald Suspension Bridge Deck Replacement Halifax NS Canada Murray MacKay Suspension Bridge NWT Canada Deh Cho Steel Truss Bridge Saskatchewan Canada Regina Bypass 490 Lane-km 34 road segments with 24 bridges Michigan Zilwaukee Concrete Box Girder Bridge Bearing Replacement Saskatchewan Canada St. Louis Steel Bridge Retrofitting North West Territories Canada All Weather Roadway to the far North Arctic Diamond Mines with 28 bridges and Great Bear River Bridge Minnesota Lowry Avenue Steel Arch Bridge Angola Soyo-Cabinda Transportation Link Suspension Bridge Saudi Arabia five railway stations California Sacramento River Cast-In-Place Post Tensioned Concrete Segmental Bridge Panama Atlantic Bridge Cable Stay Pre-Cast Post Tensioned Concrete Segmental Bridge Texas Freeway 48 Precast Bridges 1 Cast-In-Place Post Tensio