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Aviation & Aerospace and Engineering

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Aerospace, Aviation, Engineering, Aircraft Design, Aerodynamics, Structures, Smart Structures, Stability and Control, Propulsion, UAV, UAM and UAS, Drone, Missile, Munition, Helicopter, Electric Flight, Flying Toys, Flight Testing, Aircraft Crashworthiness, Cost Analysis, Patents


B.S. with Distinction in Aerospace Engineering, University of Kansas; M.S. in Aerospace Engineering, University of Maryland; Ph.D. with Honors in Aerospace Engineering, University of Kansas

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I am a Full Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Kansas (KU) and Director of the Aircraft Design Laboratory (ADL). When not working for the university, I run a small business, Barrett Aerospace Technologies, which is typically centered on transitioning KU technologies to the commercial world. • Winner of the Discover Magazine Award for Aerospace and Aviation • Led more award winning American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Aircraft and Missile Design teams than any other in the world • Associate Fellow, AIAA • Listed by Stanford/Elsevier as one of the world’s top 2% most cited Technologists • Most cited member of the AIAA Aircraft Design Technical Committee • Published more than 400 professional works • Holder of 20 patents • Worked on projects for all of the branches of the US DoD, NASA, NSF, DARPA, all major US aerospace corporations and many minor. I have worked in many corners of aerospace technology from flight test engineer to USAF weaponeer. I specialize in Adaptive Aerostructures and Aircraft Design. I regularly work on urban-air-mobility (UAM), uninhabited aerial vehicles (UAVs), drones, large commercial aircraft, guidance, navigation and control (GNC), convertible aircraft, general aviation aircraft, missiles, munitions, rotorcraft, electric and hybrid aircraft, stealth aircraft technologies and educational flying toys. The lab I currently run leads the world in several corners of aerospace technology and has produced aircraft that have been transitioned to serial commercial production and hold world records for their class. I teach both undergraduate and graduate courses on Aircraft Design, IP Protection, Adaptive Structures, Propulsion, Jet Engine Design, Rotorcraft Engineering, Weapon System Design, Aerodynamics, Stability and Control, Instrumentation, Performance and Program Cost Analysis. My expert witness experience goes back nearly two decades as I have worked on cases involving patent disputes, IPR, trade secrets, infringement, IP misappropriation/theft, product liability, national security and damage cases in the US, Europe and Asia.