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Chemistry & Chemicals and Safety

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Expert Witness Chemist, Industrial Hygiene, Indoor Air Quality, Analytical Chemistry , Vapor Exposure Simulation, Air Testing Laboratory, Air Quality Testing, Serivice Laboratory, Air by CCSquared, William H. Chapman, PhD, Hazardous Environment Simulation, Scientific Argument, Literature Review


Post Doctoral, Columbia University; PhD, Penn State; BS, Penn State

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William is a practicing chemist with extensive experience working for numerous analytical service and device manufacturers as a director, liaison, and key contributor, holds extensive practical knowledge in chemistry, industrial hygiene, indoor air quality, and point-of-care clinical chemistry. He is the Founder of Air by CCSquared, a highly advanced air testing laboratory focused on solving problems in industrial hygiene and indoor air quality and has full access to this laboratory and its advanced instrumentation for casework. He has a proven record of developing strategies and solutions that yield positive, measurable results for clients, including the design of simulations of harmful environments (e.g. chemical vapor exposure). For example, he simulated the exposure of a client to a dry-cleaning fluid that was used to clean a carpet in the client’s home, exposure to which caused our client health effects serious enough to require hospitalization and follow-up treatment for over a year. We fitted a living space with chemical vapor sensors and hired the defendant to clean the carpet, producing data and a scientific argument that led to a successful settlement. Highly skilled in collaborating with members of legal and other professions to meet mission-critical objectives. Excellent documentation skills.