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Psychology and Mental Health

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Video Games, Clinical Psychology, Psychological Assessment, Forensic Psychology, Anime, Technology, Video Game Addiction, Parenting, Therapy, Research, Social Media, Methods, Geek Therapy, Security Clearance, Popular Culture


PhD, Pacifica Graduate Institute; MS, Florida State University; BA, Framingham State University

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Additional Information

Dr. Bean has become a sought-after expert in the media, regularly contributing his insights on various psychological topics. With a dynamic and engaging presence, he has been featured on numerous platforms, including podcasts, TV shows, and radio programs. Whether discussing video game addiction, mental health, or therapeutic interventions, Dr. Bean’s media appearances are characterized by his ability to distill complex concepts into accessible and relatable insights. His articulate and personable approach makes him a trusted source for understanding psychological issues in the modern world, resonating with audiences seeking expert perspectives in an easily digestible format. He has over 10 years of experience in clinical psychology and is a well known academic author publishing an average of two to three peer reviewed articles per year while being clinically licensed across multiple states of the US. Dr. Bean’s research endeavors reflect a commitment to advancing the understanding of complex psychological phenomena. With a focus on contemporary issues, his work spans diverse areas such as video game addiction, therapeutic interventions, and the intersection of technology and mental health. Dr. Bean employs rigorous methodologies, incorporating both quantitative and qualitative approaches to gather nuanced insights. His research contributions not only expand the academic discourse but also have practical implications for individuals and professionals alike. Through a dedication to evidence-based exploration, Dr. Bean’s research endeavors contribute significantly to the evolving landscape of psychology, shedding light on crucial aspects of modern-day challenges and therapeutic solutions. Expert witness testimony in therapy and court-ordered psychological testing serves as a crucial component in legal proceedings and mental health evaluations. Dr. Bean brings a wealth of experience to the courtroom, offering insightful and credible testimony based on a comprehensive understanding of psychological principles. In therapy-related cases, his expertise extends to explaining and contextualizing therapeutic approaches, ensuring the court gains a clear understanding of the nuances involved. In court-ordered psychological testing scenarios, Dr. Bean utilizes validated assessment tools to provide objective and thorough evaluations, contributing valuable information to legal decision-making. His testimony is not only informed by professional competence but also by a commitment to clarity and accuracy, ensuring a robust foundation for legal deliberations. Dr. Bean has been published in national and international journals, news reports, and books. He is the well known editor of the Geek Psychology Series exploring how popular culture impacts us via a multi-modal approach. His website can be found here: