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  • Company: Nighthawk Security and Training Systems
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Security and Premises Liability

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Use of Force issues, Security procedures, Nightclubs, Concert Security, Special Event security, Assaults


Close Protection Specialist, Ground Zero: Dr. Mark Yates,UK; Police Tactics Instructors of America, Board Member, PTIOA, GM Danny Lane/ Director; Extensive Martial Arts Experience,

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Thomas LeBrun – Expert Witness in Use of Force Introduction Thomas LeBrun is a distinguished authority in security, close protection, and martial arts. His expertise, honed over five decades, renders him a highly sought-after expert witness in legal cases involving the use of force. LeBrun's unique blend of real-world security experience and extensive martial arts training provides a nuanced understanding of force application and continuum in critical situations. Professional Journey and Martial Arts Expertise; Beginning his illustrious career influenced by heavyweight boxing champion Joe Frazier in the late 1960s, Thomas LeBrun delved into a journey that would see him emerge as a leading figure in close protection and martial arts. His martial arts journey, commencing formally in 1974, encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Okinawan Kenpo, and Yoshitsune Jujutsu, under the tutelage of masters like Michael Depaquale Sr. and Jr. This diverse training background has equipped LeBrun with a deep understanding of various combat techniques, including pressure point application, Arnis, and Muay Thai. Development of Hogoshin-do and Professional Recognition; LeBrun's profound understanding of self-defense and use of force culminated in the creation of American Combative applications in 2017. This system, lauded for its efficiency and realism, received certification from Grand Master Ron Van Clief and Shidoshi Glenn Perry. His expertise and contributions to martial arts and protective services were further recognized with his promotion to Shidoshi, 10th dan in Hogoshin-do, and his appointment as a Board member of the Police Tactics Instructors of America (PTIOA). Founder of Nighthawk Security and Training Systems; In 1988, LeBrun established Nighthawk Security and Training Systems, reflecting his commitment to operational excellence in the most challenging environments. His experiences in high-risk locales like Mexico City, Johannesburg, and Rio de Janeiro have given him invaluable insights into the unpredictable nature of security work and the judicious application of force. This experience began in his humble beginnings in nightclubs and establishments with entertainment. Educational Achievements and Industry Recognition; Complementing his field experience, LeBrun's academic pursuits in Anti-Terrorism (via ATAB), Maritime Security, and Crisis Risk Management provide a comprehensive framework for understanding the complexities of using force mitigation in various scenarios. His expertise has been acknowledged through numerous awards, including being named Executive Protection Specialist of the Year and receiving multiple Hall of Fame honors for his martial arts discipline. Authorship and Cultural Impact; LeBrun's literary contributions, including his multi-award-winning book "Hiding in Plain Sight," offer a detailed account of his journey in close protection and martial arts. His fiction works, "Sticks and Stones," and its sequel, "Stone Cold," creatively intertwine martial arts action with protection narratives, showcasing his depth of knowledge and experience in the field. With his unparalleled blend of practical experience, academic study, and martial arts expertise, Thomas LeBrun is a preeminent expert witness in the Use of Force. His comprehensive understanding of the complexities of force application in protective scenarios makes him an invaluable asset in legal contexts. His career, marked by significant achievements and contributions, underscores his status as a foremost authority in this domain.