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Plastic Surgery and Wound Care

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pressure ulcer, bed sore, decubitus ulcer, accident, breast implant, skin graft, abdominoplasty, tummy tuck, liposuction, scar, breast reduction, breast lift, nursing home, wound, mastopexy, mammoplasty, Botox, wound VAC, soft tissue deformity


MD, University of Kansas

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Additional Information

Dr. John Baeke is a plastic & reconstructive surgeon actively practicing in California and Texas. He is also a Field Surgeon for the Army National Guard (LtCol). He has additional expertise in chronic and acute wound care. In his career, Dr. Baeke has reviewed >500 cases, providing objective opinions for either plaintiff or defense. He is known for conducting a thorough investigation of the entire medical record before offering a forthright, honest, succinct and unwavering opinion. Dr. Baeke has experience authoring legal briefs. He is quite comfortable providing expert deposition and courtroom testimony, having appeared in proceedings as a treating, causation and standard-of-care witness. He is able to explain complicated topics in easy-to-understand terminology. Dr. Baeke has testified before District and Federal Courts; as well as in Washington, D.C. before the Food & Drug Administration and the Healthcare Finance Administration (now CMS). In his career, Dr. Baeke has been a clinical investigator for (6) FDA PMA studies on breast implants; he held patents on breast implant design; has published and lectured on the national stage. He is a residency site director teaching both nurses and young physicians. Dr. Baeke has had much experience reviewing and testifying on cases involving elective/aesthetic breast surgery (implant complications, augmentation, lift, reduction, expansion), body contouring (abdominoplasty, liposuction, arm lift) and Botox. His expertise in wound care includes both acute (e.g. trauma, motor vehicle accident, dog bite, necrotizing fasciitis) to chronic (e.g. pressure ulcers/bed sores/decubiti, diabetic, vascular ulcers), skin grafts and scar deformity. Dr. Baeke has published, testified and lectured extensively regarding pressure ulcer prevention, causation, pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and standard of care. Dr. Baeke was a clinical investigator for the original NPWT (wound V.A.C.). He has much experience using skin substitutes (ADM).