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Firearms & Ballistics

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firearms, use of force, taser, force on force training, gun safety, concealed carry, gun holsters, conducted energy weapons, firearm human factors, firearms training, gun range safety, self defense, gun range accidents, negligent discharges, accidental firearm discharges, firearm accident

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Barret Kendrick is an expert in the field of firearms, use of force, firearms training, and self-defense. With over 40 years of experience in safely working with firearms and more than 15 years of professional teaching experience, he has established himself as an authority in these areas. Barret's extensive knowledge and practical expertise have enabled him to effectively educate and train thousands of students across over 20 states, covering a wide range of topics from firearm-based skills to active killer response training and prevention. Barret brings his wealth of experience to his role as an educator and consultant, working with students in concealed carry, use of force concepts, conducted energy weapons (Taser), security-related concepts, and instructor development certifications. He obtained numerous instructor-level or master instructor-level certifications for defensive shooting with handguns and carbines, range operations and safety, range/shoot house operations, scenario-based force-on-force training, Taser conducted-energy weapons, and active shooter response. Additionally, he is a program graduate of the Law of Self Defense Instructor Program, and certified as a Realistic De-Escalation instructor and Force Science Analyst through the Force Science Institute. Barret is also skilled in public speaking and simplifying complex topics. He can create and edit instructional videos for courtroom use when bringing the actual firearm is not feasible or possible.