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Optometry and Blindness

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Vision Rehabilitation, Visual impairments after TBI, Visual impairments after Concussions, Visual impairments after head injuries, Neuro-Optometry, Vision Therapy, Visual impairments after stroke, Pediatric Optometry, Developmental Delays, Brain Injuries


Doctor of Optometry, Southern College of Optometry

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Peter Charron, OD, FCOVD is an Optometrist in Washington specializing in neuro optometry which includes the diagnosis and treatment of visual impairments secondary to concussions, TBI's and strokes. He earned a fellowship through the College of Optometrist in Vision Development (COVD) in 2013. He has given guest lectures on TBI and vision impairments to Master's level University students. His professional memberships include AOA, OPW, COVD and NORA. Through 14 years of clinical practice, he has become an expert in functional vision problems like convergence/accommodative disorders, ocular motor (eye tracking) deficits, Post Concussion Syndrome, visually related headaches, partial blindness, and visual-vestibular disorders; all of which can occur from head trauma. He is prompt, thorough, affable, and easy to communicate with. He can be reached by cell phone at 360 820 0952 or email: [email protected]