Patrick M. OLeary, MBA, BSEE, CISSP, CEH Expert Witness
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Internet and Information Technology

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Computers/IT, Cybersecurity, Internet Forensics, Data Forensics, Internet Expert Witness, Software, MBA, Intellectual Property, Prior Art, Patents, Internet Hosting, Email, World Wide Web (WWW), Internet Litigation, Computer Science, Internet Liability/Damages, Litigation. Support, CISSP, CEH, CHFI


MBA, Hofstra; BSEE, NYU/Brooklyn Polytechnic; AS, SCCC; (JD In Progress), Novus

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I am an entrepreneur who has been the founder of several different startup companies across a variety of information technology industries yielding me diverse Business, Technical & Internet expertise. I have worked as an Internet Litigation Consultant working for law firms as an Internet Expert Witness. Early business entry, which was a way to pass the time, soon paved my career path. I became the CEO and sole proprietor of in 1995. My site generated an adequate amount of revenue, thus being self-funded and be free of any venture capital. By 1999, my company expanded to employ over 30 people and generate more than $7 million every year. When we sold to Lycos in July 2000 for 45 million dollars, the 30 employees expanded to more than 120 people, signifying exponential growth in such a short period. With lots of success and a growth rate of 8% (or greater) per month, was designated as the "2nd stickiest website on the internet" by Jupiter Media and was also known to be the largest online dating platform, with over 4 million registered users and more than 230 million clicks per month. This invaluable opportunity allowed me to develop my skillset in a competitive online environment. The current owners credited my work on the company as the origin of today's wide usage and availability of online dating social networking platforms. As an online business, we were competing with top websites such as Yahoo Personals and This newly acquired knowledge would be valuable and necessary for my future work and would allow me to refine my expertise and methodology to achieve success. I learned concepts and aspects of information technology through my years of experience which provided me with a solid foundation to carry out my work for my clients with success. I have been exposed to and learned many different concepts such as strategic partnerships, human resources, membership conversion, productizing, finances and budgeting, alternative revenue sources, venture capital, investment banking, and all of the technical aspects that come with the field. As an Internet Expert Witness, I have worked on cases consisting of Real Estate, Security Issues, Intellectual Property, Social Networks, Business Disputes, Aerospace, etc. As an Internet Expert Witness, it is my job to effectively communicate with my clients ensuring we are all in sync to proceed as a unit. On top of my operative communication strategies, I have patience and understanding with all clients and the capability to help others learn more about any aspect of information technology in my arsenal of knowledge and expertise. I quickly think of strategies and techniques that inform our solutions and allow my clients to act swiftly to be one step ahead of their competitors. I come up with practical and one-of-a-kind engineering solutions to get around any obstacle that they may face at any given time as business owners/workers. As your next Internet Expert witness, I vow to supply you with the service you deserve. Working in nearly every subfield of internet technology conceivable, I promise to pull this knowledge and apply it when working with you so that we make informed decisions that align with your vision. I look forward to working with you.