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Horses and Accident Reconstruction

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Horses, Horse Training, Horse Behavior, Horseback Riding, Riding Instruction, Trail Rides, Outfitting, Guiding, Hunting, Horse Care, Horse Transport, Horses in Film Work, Horse Facility Management and Design, Rodeo, Horse Herd Behavior, Mounted Police, Mounted shooting , archery and sword fighting

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Horse and Rider Expert – I have ridden and been around horses for over 60 years. I have bred and raised horses for myself as well as having worked for large horse breeding ranches in Wyoming and Georgia dealing with 80 brood mares. I was responsible for imprint training all new-born foals and I performed riding training for the untrained young horses. I have started well over 100 young untrained horses, including wild Mustangs, teaching them all the fundamentals for successful riding. Having made a life-long study of horses, I work with horses within their nature as a specialist in horse behavior and herd communication. For over 30 years I have commercially boarded and trained horses, taught riding lessons and conducted horse training and riding clinics in many locations of the United States, Canada and Europe. The clients with whom I have worked range from beginner to advanced riders and horses of many breeds at all levels of training for a variety of disciplines. I have worked with horses and riders at small and large ranches and equestrian facilities as well as facilities operated by government military and police units including the King of Sweden’s Royal Mounted Palace Guard, the Italian Forest Guard, the Malmo Sweden Police Dept., the Rome Italy Police Dept. and the Atlanta Police Dept. I have produced four instructional DVDs on various aspects of horse training and riding. My DVDs were converted into a television series that was broadcast on two national television networks. I have written many articles on horse training which have been published in national magazines. For the University of Georgia, I taught a senior level course covering the complete training program of young horses from ground work through saddling and riding. I have worked with horses and cattle on large ranches in Wyoming and Georgia. I competed in rodeo bull riding during high school and college at Texas Tech University. Through family and clients, I have been involved in many rodeos over the years. I have worked with horses in movies and television since 1988. As a Head Wrangler and Stunt Rider, I have trained many horses to calmly accept unusual environments full of noise, movement, people, equipment, traffic, smoke, fire, flashing lights, simulated lightning, gunfire and mounted combat with swords and lances. My horses have been involved in close-up filming in high traffic inner city scenes, inside sound stages, close to burning buildings and in battle scenes with ground explosions, cannon fire and extreme chaos. For seven years I was a licensed Outfitter in Wyoming guiding horseback big game hunting, fishing and wilderness riding and camping for hundreds of guests. I have guided many groups of riders on trail rides in 11 states and 4 European countries. Most guest riders had little or no riding experience, but I safely guided them in many types of weather, including deep snow, blizzards, hail storms and swift river crossings while traversing some of the roughest terrain in the United States along steep, rocky trails in the deep wilderness of 11,000 foot elevation and on long treks across the high-desert sage plains. • US Guided Trail Rides: • Alabama: Lake Guntersville trails • Arizona: Moab • California: Redwood Forest of Mendocino County, Northern Coast beach ride • Florida: White Oak Plantation • Georgia: Jake Mountain, Dawson Forest, Watson Mill, Harbins Park, Hard Labor Creek State Park, Chickamauga National Park, Charlie Elliott State Park, International Horse Park • New Mexico: Mogollon Rim • North Carolina: Smoky Mountains • South Carolina - Pelzer • South Dakota: Badlands National Park • Tennessee: East Fork, Cumberland Gap, Lookout Mountain • Wyoming: Wind River Mountains, Bridger Teton Mountains, South Pass, Red Wall • European Guided Trail Rides: • Finland: Western Coastal Plains and Forest • France: Cerisy la Foret, Normandy • Sicily: Madonie Mountains • Sweden - Eskilstuna