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Developmental Disabilities and Behavioral and Social Sciences

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Board-certified behavior analyst-doctorate (BCBA-D), autism, trauma, ADHD, neurodivergent, inclusion, public school admin and policy, ABA, IDEIA, independent education evaluation (IEE), functional behavior assessment (FBA), behavior intervention plan (BIP), individual education program (IEP), LRE

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Additional Information

Dr. Kosmerl is a board-certified behavior analyst- doctorate (BCBA-D), board-certified advocate in special education (BCASE), international behavior analyst (IBA), certified autism specialist (CAS), certified trauma and resilience practitioner (CTRP), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder- certified educator (ADHD-CE), PA licensed behavior specialist (LBS), VA and TX licensed behavior analyst (LBA). Dr. Kosmerl has over 21 years of experience in applied behavior analysis (ABA), autism, dysregulated/maladaptive behaviors, and education. In the public school domain, she has held numerous positions, including as a special education administrator and teacher, behavior analyst, consultant, and elementary classroom teacher. She has specific training and years of experience in writing, analyzing, implementing, training, and overseeing the implementation of public school policies and legal documents (IEPs, 504s, FBAs, and BIPs). Dr. Kosmerl also has trained educators and administrators in the public and private school domains, as well as in the private sector. She has been a BCBA since 2007 and became a BCBA-D in 2012. In addition to her experience in the public school system, she has expertise in the field of applied behavior analysis, consulting with clients and their families who have autism, ADHD, and other neurodevelopmental behavioral disorders in the home and community setting. She began her private practice in 2012, expanding in 2015 to provide educational and consulting services. Dr. Kosmerl has experience providing expert testimony at the federal level and in due process hearings.