Michael Yasumoto, CFCE, CAWFE, ICMDE, GCFE, GCFA Expert Witness
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Computers and Cybersecurity

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Trade Secret Theft, Intellectual Property, Computer Forensics, cell phone forensics, Email Forensics, Vehicle Electronics, Digital Forensics, Smartphones, mobile forensics, Meta Data, Data Recovery, Forensic Science, Internet, Technology, Information Technology


MS Computer Science, George Washington University; BS Chemistry, University of Washington

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Michael Yasumoto has worked on hundreds of cases and has over 1,000 hours of specialized forensic training. He has taught computer and mobile phone forensic classes to both US and foreign law enforcement as well as the military. His civil practice is primarily focused on two case types. 1. Employees accused of copying or retaining confidential data when they exit the company. In some cases, a company device is returned by the employee after it has been erased. Michael's expertise covers preserving and examining the associated data to determine what happened. He has worked for both the plaintiff and defense on these cases. 2. Traffic accidents where a driver could have been interacting with their cell phone at the time of the collision. Michael's expertise covers downloading and examining the phone's data as well as associated Call Detail Records (CDRs) from the wireless carrier. If applicable, he can download the data from the infotainment system in the car and provide a report for an accident reconstruction expert to use as part of their analysis. The infotainment system is a newer system which overlaps with mobile phone forensics. This system can store detailed vehicle location and velocity records for entire trips going back days and not just the last few seconds like EDR data. It can also include phone pairing records to show whether a phone was connected to the car and when it was in use. Typical cases involve a heavy truck or commercial vehicle crash.