Russ A. Gressett, MAI Expert Witness
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Real Estate Appraiser and Appraisal & Valuation

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Valuation, appraisal, MAI, commercial real estate, eminent domain, zoning, financing, rent, rental rate, market value, standard of care, leasing, loan, acquisition, bankruptcy, partnership dispute, divorce, estate, taxes, lost profits, partnership, landlord, tenant, property, damages, compensation


BS - Agricultural Economics, Texas A&M University; Masters - Land Economics and Real Estate, Texas A&M University

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Additional Information

Mr. Gressett's experience includes 36+ years in commercial real estate consulting, valuation, brokerage and construction / development. His academic experience includes a strong background in land economics and real estate finance. Mr. Gressett's industry experience in commercial real estate appraisal, appraisal review, brokerage, mortgage underwriting due diligence and construction / development has been gained in the major real estate markets of the United States, but mostly in the Texas markets. Mr. Gressett regularly consults with attorneys, corporations and individuals on complex commercial litigation issues. As a result, he has varied experience in dispute resolution and litigation support as an expert witness through involvement in court cases requiring real estate consulting and valuation, brokerage and development expertise. Mr. Gressett's experience has also enabled him to be an effective arbitrator as he is uniquely qualified to accommodate parties in resolving market value, market rent and "equitable division" disputes of all sizes and shapes. These may arise in divorces, partnership disputes, estate disputes, landlord/tenant disagreements, contracts, eminent domain and numerous civil litigation circumstances that occur regularly in the real estate marketplace. Mr. Gressett is adept at conducting forensic market research, evaluating market studies, reviews and/or performing valuations and real estate forecasts back-in-time, currently, and forward-in-time to assess damages and bring context and clarity to the issues in question. A description of some of Mr. Gressett's practice areas that are offered are as follows: • Expert witness • Preparation of expert reports estimating just compensation due, damages and market value • Deposition and cross examination assistance • Review and rebuttal of expert reports as an in-house, non-testifying consultant • Eminent domain (defendant's side) • Exhibit preparation for trial • Asset, estate and probate valuations