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Internal Medicine

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Post hospitalization treatment, Diagnosis of cancer, Out patient diagnosis tick borne disease, Internal medicine assessments of imaging reports, Coordination between primary care and medical specialists,


BSc, Brandeis University; MD, New York University School of Medicine

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Additional Information

I have been in medical practice as internal medicine from 1985 to a Retirement with distinction which is a semi retirement in July 1, 2022. I have practiced internal medicine during the time when most physicians did both inpatient and outpatient care and so I had gone to my office every day and also to the hospital every day from 1985 to approximately 2015. Like most physicians around that time I continued in outpatient only using EMR systems. Across the years I have done less than one percent of my work in non-clinical areas. I have reviewed and testified for both defense and plaintiff in about equal number. I can examine quite extensive charts and have experience with EMR stretching back to 2010. Good understanding of the many pitfalls and strength of the EMR system. I offer a review of the charts. which is an initial review for $300 and that includes 30 minutes of telephone time to go over the opinion of the management in general, as well as the strengths and weaknesses from a plaintiff and defense position. I do this out of a sense of interest and commitment and a serious concern for the management of patients, and a good standard of care for the population. I naturally do not review records from a hospital organization where i have worked within the past 15 years. This is a natural attempt to maintain the integrity of testimony and review.