Stacy R Eldridge, CFCE, GCFE, GSEC, GCCC, LPD Expert Witness
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Computers and Cybersecurity

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Computer Forensics,Digital Forensics,Mobile Forensics,Cell Phone,iPhone,Android,Email,Meta Data,Data Recovery,Deleted Files,Video Analysis,Image Analysis,RAM,Data Loss Prevention, Insider Threat,Cybersecurity,Cybercrime,FBI,Forensic Analysis,Computer Investigation,Criminal Defense,Civil Litigaiton


Bachelor of Science, Bellevue University; Master of Science, Bellevue University

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Stacy Eldridge is a former Senior Forensic Examiner with the FBI, and began her security career 20 years ago in the FBI. Today, she is a leading force behind Silicon Prairie Cyber Services, bringing two decades of digital forensics and cybersecurity expertise to the company. Stacy's services include digital forensics, litigation support, expert witness testimony, cybersecurity consulting and teaching . As a respected educator, she is an Adjunct Professor teaching digital forensics and cybersecurity classes for OSU and Bellevue University while also coaching for IACIS. Stacy's passion goes beyond just finding evidence - it's about understanding it and helping others comprehend its significance. With a keen eye for the truth, Stacy's unwavering dedication to her craft makes her a trusted authority in digital forensics and cybersecurity. Whether it's a complete digital forensics examination, a second opinion, or a report review, Stacy offers a no-nonsense approach to giving you the facts you have to have to be prepared for your next legal matter. EXPERT WITNESS Stacy has testified as an expert witness in South Carolina, Florida, and California federal courts. SERVICES PROVIDED ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES -Digital forensics investigation, analysis, examination, and review of computers, laptops, mobile devices, cell phones, tablets, hard drives, thumb drives, and memory. -Analysis of emails, metadata, internet history, deleted files, documents, videos, images, pictures, RAM, memory, and more -Analysis of data loss prevention (DLP) logs and insider threat program data related to intellectual property and trade secret theft. -Review of Government and law enforcement case notes, written reports, digital reports, and derivative evidence and their adherence to digital forensics policies and procedures. Provides expert opinion on findings. -Provides expert witness testimony. - Licensed Private Detective in the State of Nebraska; fully bonded and complying with all statutes, rules, and regulations to conduct digital investigation services and provide expert witness testimony in a court of law. -Licensed Plain Clothes Detective authorized to work at the direction of other detective agencies. -Digital Evidence Collections CASE TYPES -Criminal Defense -Civil Litigation -Litigation Support -Data Recovery -Insider Threat Investigations CERTIFICATIONS She is a licensed private detective with the following certifications: GSEC, GCCC, GCFE, and CFCE. She received her Master of Science from Bellevue University in 2006.