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Construction Defects and Failure Analysis

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Inspector/Consultant,Residential&Commercial,Interior&Exterior,Defects & Failure Analyses,All Flooring Materials,Shower Walls-Pans & Seats,Wood & Concrete Subfloor/Substrates,Moisture Intrusion,Expert Witness,Renovations, Property Damage Assessment,Building Forensics,Mitigation Consultation


Certified Flooring Inspector, Floor Covering Institute of Technical Services, Inc.; Certified Building Contractor, State of Florida; Certified Inspector, North American Laminate Flooring Association; Licensed Mold Remediator, State of Florida

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William (Bill) Latham has more than 45 years of experience and accomplishments in the Construction and Flooring fields. In his experience, work agreements made between parties requires constant monitoring to ensure “Quality Workmanship” & “Industry Standards” are being performed. Unfortunately, often times work performed results in substandard work and/or failures within projects. Given his expertise and attention to detail, Bill specializes in Construction Defects/Building Forensics and Flooring Failure Analyses. He offers Clients/Commissioning Parties significant experience, expert knowledge, and a thorough understanding of the direct correlations between all the various interior and exterior Construction processes for both Residential & Commercial building. Trained as a Carpenter’s Apprentice at a young age in the Northeast, Bill started out in the residential home construction and renovation market. Later, he was employed as a Union Carpenter on multiple commercial construction building projects including Boehringer Ingelheim, Union Carbide Corporate Headquarters, and Pitney Bowes, where he was promoted to Safety Foreman on the building construction project. Bill has extensive knowledge of Designing/Building as well as critical components such as Concrete Footings, Slabs, Subfloor/Substrates, Walls, Framing, Interior and Exterior Wall Finishes, Weatherproofing, Mold Remediation, Flooring, and Architectural Details. Bill has a personal commitment to outstanding Professional performance and provides detailed Inspection Reports to his clients for both Flooring Failures and Construction Defects. Bill also offers project Supervision to ensure proper standards are maintained during builds, offers expert second opinions, and suggestive mitigation for failures. He is a State of Florida Certified Building Contractor, since 1991, a State of Florida Licensed Mold Remediator, a Certified Residential and Commercial Flooring Inspector, and Expert Witness. Bill also serves as a Consensus Body Committee Member for the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, & Restoration Certification (IICRC) S230 Standard for establishing the National Standard for Subfloor/Subtrate Inspection. Bill provides services to Architects, Contractors, Engineers, Homeowners, Installers, Insurance Companies, Legal Counsel, Manufacturers, and Retailers.