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Automotive and Motorcycle

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Engine, Motor, Defect, Damage, Failure, Exhaust, Emission, Carbon, Monoxide, NOx, Test, Measure, Defeat Device, Computer, Control, Software, Calibration, Tuning, Performance, Power, Fuel, Economy, Combustion, Leak, Heat, Burn, Fire, Gas, Diesel, Motorcycle, Autocycle, Bike, Bicycle, Battery, Lemon


PhD, Deakin University, Australia; MBA, Henley Management College, UK; Dipl. Ing. (equivalent to MSc), University of Siegen, Germany; Graduate Certificate of Higher Education (Teaching ), Deakin University, Australia

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Additional Information

Dr. Will is a technology leader with 30+ years of experience in research, development, operations, and administration, in both academia and manufacturing industry. He holds over 30 patents and is the author or co-author of 24 articles in refereed technical journals and technical conferences, and multiple standards contributions. He was the invited key-note speaker at several conferences. He has significant expert witness experience in vehicle defects and emissions fraud across 4 continents. 100% of his non-pending cases resulted in a win or a very favourable settlement for his clients. In 2016 he prepared an analysis for a defendant to save multi-billions of dollars. In 2018, he was the lead expert witness in a case that resulted in a $120M settlement for his plaintiff clients only 4 weeks after his report about the defendants’ expert report was handed down; His reports in another case resulted in a landmark judgement for clients worth up to $2B. A further client saved millions of dollars that otherwise would have been spent on a class action without merits. While working for Ford Motor Company, he applied his failure analysis and troubleshooting skills to discover many design- and manufacturing defects and implemented affordable solutions before mass production started to prevent recalls. His deep technical expertise allows him to analyze defects, and products in detail, and explain clearly the main issues that the judge and jury need to internalize in order to comprehend the essence of the case. His extensive educational experience in academia allows him to help judges and jurors understand the topic they are dealing with. Dr. Will has invented, designed, built, and licenced automotive products such as heat management systems and engine software strategies that reduces emissions and fuel consumption. Therefore, he is also experienced in IP, patent infringement law, and developing claim charts. He has conducted extensive research in the reduction of emissions and improvement of vehicle efficiency, with applications to automotive control systems, and semi-active suspension systems. He is a Fellow of SAE-A, and a recipient of multiple international awards, and holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Deakin University, Australia, an MBA from Henley Management College, UK, the MSc equivalent from University of Siegen, Germany, and a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education from Deakin University. Since around 50 years he has been involved with motorcycles, for over 20 years he competed in professional motorcycle racing, starting with trials over grass track to moto cross, super cross and Enduro, so he is also very experienced with two-wheeler specific accidents and injuries.