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General Specialties:

Cryptocurrency and Securities & Investments

Keywords/Search Terms:

blockchain, bitcoin, blockchain forensics, hacks, theft, fraud, pig butchering, embezzlement, ransomware, ethereum, crypto, SIM Swaps, embezzlement, compliance, cybersecurity, cryptocurrency tracking, cryptocurrency tracing, staking, NFTs, ponzi schemes, smart contracts


CISC, Chainalysis; CEIC, Chainalysis; CRC, Chainalysis; CKC, Chainalysis

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Additional Information

Paul Sibenik is a blockchain forensics and cryptocurrency tracing expert. He frequently conducts investigations in a range of niches, including cryptocurrency hacks, exploits, vulnerabilities, thefts, fraud, SIM Hijacking, fraud, ransomware, embezzlement, and pig butchering scams. Tracking cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum often plays a critical role in his investigations. Additionally, Paul has been appointed as an expert in many civil disputes, including bankruptcy divorce matters, having worked on more than 100 cases involving cryptocurrency in divorce alone. He has also frequently been asked to open on matters related to Anti-money laundering (AML), compliance, cybersecurity, NFTs, and staking.