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Specialties & Experience of this Expert Witness

General Specialties:

Otolaryngology and Otology

Specialty Focus:

vagal nerve stimulator, hypoglossal nerve stimulator, INSPIRE, tracheostomy, subglottic stenosis, cholesteatoma, stapes surgery, mastoid, sinus, bone anchored hearing aid, BAHA, CSF leak, parotid, cancer, tinnitus, hearing injury, temporal bone fractures, nose bleeds, epistaxis, thyroid


BS, The Johns Hopkins University; MD, The University of Illinois

Additional Information

I am a Board Certified Ear, Nose, and Throat surgeon in active full time clinical practice. I obtained my degrees from The Johns Hopkins University and the University of Illinois. I completed residency at University Hospitals / Case Western Reserve University. I have headed the launch of new hypoglossal nerve stimulator (INSPIRE), bone anchored hearing aid implant, and vagal nerve stimulator programs and have given talks and presented on implantable devices and other topics. I have a heavy otology practice including cholesteatomas, stapes surgery, middle ear reconstruction, and mastoid surgery but I also perform surgery of the sinuses, thyroid, parathyroid, laryngology, and head and neck cancer.