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Biomechanics and Premises Liability

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Slip, Trips, and Falls Analyses, Slip-Resistance Testing (tribometers), OSHA/ADA/ASTM Pertaining to Walkway Safety, Vehicular/Pedestrian Accident Reconstruction and Injury Biomechanics (bones, tissues, causation).


PhD, University of Southern California; MS, California State University, Sacramento; BS, California State University, Sacramento

Additional Information

Dr. Jonathan S. Lee-Confer: A Pinnacle of Biomechanical Expertise for Legal Insights Academic & Professional Eminence: As an Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona and Director of Biomechanics at Verum Biomechanics, Dr. Lee-Confer embodies a blend of academic rigor and practical application. His scholarly works are not just theoretical but have found meaningful application in legal and safety standards. Research and Standards Pioneer: His publications in leading biomechanical journals have set benchmarks in the field. Notably, he co-authored the groundbreaking research that shaped the ASTM F2508-16e standard for tribometers, a critical tool in understanding and measuring floor friction – a key factor in slip-and-fall cases. Legislative Impact: Dr. Lee-Confer’s expertise extends beyond academia into the legislative arena. He played a pivotal role in the biomechanical development and implementation for Arizona State Senate Bill (SB1373), addressing critical aspects of fall prevention. Educational Background: His educational journey, culminating in a PhD from the highly acclaimed University of Southern California, focused on biomechanics with a specialization in slip dynamics. His research delved into the nuances of body movement during slips, slip severity assessment, detection of slips, motor control during slips and floor slip resistance evaluation – all areas of significant interest in legal disputes involving falls. Leadership and Affiliations: Currently serving as the Secretary General and Chairman of the Education Committee for the Arizona Falls Prevention Coalition, Dr. Lee-Confer’s leadership showcases his commitment to fall prevention and safety. His active participation in the ASTM F13 Pedestrian/Walkway Safety and Footwear committee, coupled with his affiliations with the American Society of Biomechanics and International Society of Biomechanics, further underscores his standing in the field.