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General Specialties:

Biomechanics and Premises Liability

Specialty Focus:

Slip, Trips, and Falls Analyses, Slip-Resistance Testing (tribometers), OSHA/ADA/ASTM Pertaining to Walkway Safety, Vehicular/Pedestrian Accident Reconstruction and Injury Biomechanics (bones, tissues, causation).


PhD, University of Southern California; MS, California State University, Sacramento; BS, California State University, Sacramento

Additional Information

Dr. Jonathan S. Lee-Confer is the Director of Biomechanics at Verum Biomechanics. He has published scientific papers in top biomechanical journals, co-authored the research behind the ASTM F2508-16e standard for tribometers (measuring friction of the floor), and managed the biomechanical development and implementation for the Arizona State Senate Bill (SB1373) for falls. He completed his PhD at one of the top ranked programs in the field at the University of Southern California and completed his degree in biomechanics studying how the body moves during a slip, how slip severity can be measured, and the best methods to assess the slip resistance of floors. Currently, Dr. Lee-Confer is the Secretary General and Chairman of the Education Committee for the Arizona Falls Prevention Coalition, committee member on the ASTM F13 Pedestrian/Walkway Safety and Footwear committee as well as the Arizona Falls Prevention Coalition, and has professional affiliation with the American Society of Biomechanics and International Society of Biomechanics.