John O Spengler, PhD Expert Witness
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Athletics & Recreation and School Safety

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Parks, Playgrounds, Play Spaces, Games, Sport Supervision, Sport Instruction, Sport Facilities, Athletic Facilities, Equipment, Recreational Facilities, Emergency Action Planning and Response, Sport Injury, Recreational Injury


PhD, Indiana University; JD, University of Toledo; MS, Clemson University; BS, Wake Forest University

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Additional Information

For more than two decades, I have served as a sport and recreation safety expert – as a litigation expert witness providing opinion on safety issues through case consultation, and by testimony at trial or deposition – and as a sport facility safety inspector. I have provided expert witness testimony on cases across the broad spectrum of sport and recreational activities, around such issues as the adequacy of supervision, instruction, equipment, premises/facilities and emergency action planning. I have conducted safety inspections of sport and recreational facilities (fields, courts, playgrounds, play spaces, gyms, waterfront, pools, climbing walls, etc.) for k-12 schools, colleges, and universities, and have consulted on safety issues for private sector entertainment venues. In municipalities, I have conducted inspections of playgrounds, play spaces and sport facilities to inform municipal loss prevention efforts. These experiences, coupled with a unique educational background in law (University of Toledo) and sport and recreation management (Clemson University and Indiana University), as well as many years spent teaching, studying, publishing, and presenting on safety issues relevant to sport and recreation safety, liability, and loss prevention while at the University of Florida and Texas A&M University (currently), provide me with a unique and valuable perspective from which to consult. I am also well versed in guidelines and standards applicable to sport and recreation venues. Additionally, I have served as the President of the Sport and Recreation Law (and safety) Association, member of the Science Board of the Executive Office of the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition, head of the SHAPE America Safety and Risk Management Council, member of the advisory board, and research partner for the Aspen Institute’s Project Play, and various university administrative positions. I have been recognized for scholarship and contributions to the field by the Florida Sports Hall of Fame (Fame for Fitness Award), University of Florida (Teacher of the Year and Research Foundation Professor), Sport and Recreation Law Association (Leadership Award, Research Fellow), SHAPE America (Research Fellow), and Indiana University (Distinguished Alumnus). I have also received numerous commendations for professionalism and quality of work relevant to my consulting services.