Rouzbeh R. Taghizadeh, Ph.D. Expert Witness
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Regenerative Medicine and Biomedical Engineering

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Regenerative Medicine, Cellular Therapies, Stem Cells, Extracellular Matrix, Perinatal Tissues (Placenta, Amnion, Chorion, Umbilical Cord Blood/Tissue), Transplantation, Cellular & Tissue Engineering, Biotechnology, Bioengineering, Medical Devices, Tissue Processing/Banking, HSCs, MSCs


Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; B.S., University of Massachusetts - Amherst

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Rouzbeh R. Taghizadeh, PhD, is a Cellular Therapy, Regenerative Medicine and Biomedical Engineering Expert offering more than 20 years of expertise as a Scientist, Innovator, and Entrepreneur in the development, processing, manufacturing of tissues, including bone marrow, umbilical cord (blood & tissue), amnion, chorion, placenta, adipose (fat), and other organs for clinical and non-clinical use, while considering the complex regulatory, trade secret, patent claims that arises from these areas. Litigation Support - Dr. Taghizadeh provides subject matter expertise and expert witness testimony for scientific, technical, regulatory, trade secret and patent claims in the areas of: Regenerative Medicine Blood / Tissue Banking Cellular and Tissue Based Therapeutics Stem Cell Bioengineering Extracellular Matrix HSCs / MSCs Processing Cryopreservation Longevity Cellular and Tissue Engineering Biotechnology Medical Devices Perinatal Tissues Transplantation Quality Control Regulatory and Potency Assays Dr. Taghizadeh specializes in adult stem cells, primarily human hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells, the regenerative cells involved in successful bone marrow and umbilical cord blood transplantations, uniquely positions him to approach science and business with the same keen powers of insight that have consistently reaped success surmounting scientific and medical barriers in the field. He earned his Ph.D. in Stem Cell Bioengineering in 2006 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and co-founded AuxoCell Laboratories, Inc. as Chief Scientific Officer in 2008 after completing his post-doctoral training from MIT and the Boston Biomedical Research Institute.