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  • Company: Skilled Cyclist / Technique Sports Inc.
  • Phone: (818) 929-3636
  • Website: www.coachbrinton.com

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Bicycle Expert, Accidents, Road, Gravel, Mountain Bike, e-bike, Electric Bicycle, Cyclist, Bicyclist, Events, Races, Fondo, Group Rides, Cycling Coach, Bike Fitting, Bike Maintenance, Equipment Failures

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Provided opinions, expert testimony, and produced reports on litigation matters since 2018. U.S. Olympian, 4x Master World Champion, pro MTN bike racer, ridden 300,000+ miles, cycling coach 39 years, Hollywood stuntman 17 years (bicycle crash and jump specialist). Qualified to opine on road, mtn bike, commuter, and e-bike accidents involving motor vehicles, other bicyclists, pedestrians, roadway defects, unsafe event routes, unsafe coaching, equipment failures, and other hazards encountered by bicyclists. Well-versed with safe and unsafe solo rider and group riding practices, how roadway defects and hazards affect bicyclists, rider skill assessments, fault contributions, bicycle maintenance, bike fitting, safe coaching practices, and crash re-enactment. Bicycle crash awareness and skills professionally honed as a long-time pro racer and Hollywood stuntman. Experienced with shooting 4k action videos and have multiple cameras, plus helmet, bike, and other stabilized mounts to capture bicyclist point-of-view, accident scene, and crash re-enactment footage. David is well-known as a highly experienced on-the-bike skills coach. His primary coaching emphasis for 39 years has been teaching street safety, traffic awareness, safe and predictable group riding practices, road and mountain bike handling skills including descending, cornering, crash avoidance, and crashing techniques to minimize injury. His expert services include site inspection, rider fault contribution, bike inspection, thorough reporting, depositions, and trial testimony as needed.