Dan Bawden, CAPS, CGP, CGR, GMB, GMR Expert Witness
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Construction and Construction Defects

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Cost of repairs, Stucco failures, Roof and flashing failures, Duty of care, Damage causation, Code compliance, Proper repair protocols, Materials and methods, Building, Remodeling, Performance standards, cost estimating, Residential Construction Performance Standards, Home repairs,


Graduate Master Builder, NAHB; Graduate Master Remodeler, NAHB; Certified Aging in Place Specialist, NAHB; Juris Doctor (JD), Baylor University School of Law

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Dan Bawden, is a Houston home builder specializing in remodeling and repairs and has a track record as a top-rated instructor in the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Dan has been doing expert witness work for 15+ years, inspecting a wide variety of projects and construction defects. He is also an attorney, so he understands both the litigation strategies and the nuances of construction. Dan has multiple certifications in construction, including Graduate Master Remodeler, Graduate Master Builder, Certified Graduate Remodeler, and Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist. Dan Bawden is the owner of an award-winning construction company in Houston, Texas. He has 40 + years of experience in residential construction. He began framing houses on a crew in 1973 and went on to build his own company. Duties in his firm include design, specification-writing, estimating, quality control, and day-to-day construction management. His firm, Legal Eagle Contractors Company, has enjoyed an excellent reputation both online and in the Houston area for decades. Dan is a Past President of the Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA). He is an active member, instructor and speaker in the GHBA. Dan rose to the top industry leadership position at the national level. After many years of serving on the Board of Directors at NAHB, he was asked to serve as Chairman of the NAHB Remodelers in 2019. He represented the Remodeling Industry across the country. Apparently, he did a great job. He was subsequently nominated and inducted into the NAHBR "Hall of Fame" in 2020. Very few contractors have received this honor. This recognition is awarded for making a lasting impact on the residential construction industry nationwide. Due to his speaking skills and expertise, Dan was invited by the U.S. Department to do a very successful speaking tour in Japan in 2019 to fellow construction professionals, which he did successfully. These unique experiences enable Dan to be a knowledgeable, quick-witted and entertaining expert. He can explain technically complex issues in a simple manner. Dan and his team have been through a number of hurricanes, devastating tropical storms, and wide-scale flooding in Houston over the years. This has given him significant experience with storm damage and mold-related issues from a general contractor perspective. Dan is passionate about this kind of work, equally assisting both builders and homeowners to resolve their disputes. Some of Dan’s specific areas of construction defect expertise include: • Duty of Care • Construction Defects • Roofing & Flashings • Water intrusion • Premises Liability • Concrete • Structural & Framing issues • Code Compliance • Contract Disputes • Cost of Repairs Estimates • Project Management • Proper Repair Protocols • Materials and Methods • Construction Performance Standards • Damage Causation • Arbitration (certified by CDRS in Santa Fe, NM) • Mediation (certified by CDRS in Santa Fe, NM)