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Human Factors and Engineering

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Driver distraction, Tesla Autopilot-like systems Texting, Driving Automation, Complacency, Drowsiness, Driver Error, Multitasking, Attention, Inattention, Cellphone, Infotainment, Speeding, Driver response times, Touchscreen, ADAS, Accident, Braking, Display, User Interface, Vehicles,


Doctorate in Cognitive Science , ; M.S. In Experimental Psychology, ; B.S. in Cognitive Psychology,

Additional Information

I am a leading international expert in Human Factors, and recognized as a top scientist in the field of distracted driving and driver interaction with vehicle assistance systems. I work with national and international transportation agencies assessing the distraction effect of in-vehicle devices, and the unintended safety consequences of interacting with vehicle assistance systems including autopilot. I published 50+ peer-reviewed articles in prestigious academic journal, and received awards from leading Human Factors association. My work focuses on understanding how drivers use vehicle technology like touchscreen and voice interfaces, and assistance systems like Adaptive Cruise Control, Tesla Autopilot-like systems, and active and passive systems and their potential unintended consequences on driver behavior and road safety. I analyze human factors like attention, inattention, multitasking, trust, complacency, drowsiness, situation awareness and their impact on safety. My expertise include: - Assessing the startling effect and distraction potential of sounds and vibrations in the vehicle. - Assessing the distraction potential of using cellphones, touchscreens, and voice interfaces in the vehicle. - Assessing the distraction potential and vigilance loss of using semi-autonomous driving systems like Tesla Autopilot. - Evaluating the safety risks of using assistance systems. ADAS, and autopilot. - Measuring driver distraction, situation awareness, fatigue, and boredom. My research (selected): Biondi et al. (2023). Vigilance decrement during on-road partially automated driving across four systems. Human Factors Biondi et al. (2015). Cognitive distraction impairs drivers' anticipatory glances: An on-road study. Driving Assessment. Biondi et al. (2014). Beeping ADAS: Reflexive effect on drivers’ behavior. TRF.