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General Specialties:

Human Factors and Engineering

Specialty Focus:

Distracted Driving, Autonomous Driving, Safety, Assistance Systems, Adaptive Cruise Control, ACC, Situation Awareness, Attention, Perception, Fatigue, Drowsiness, Behavior, Inattention, Crash Avoidance, Warning, Cell Phone, Texting, Driver Training, Accident, Manufacturing, Ergonomics, Distraction


Doctorate in Cognitive Science , ; M.S. In Experimental Psychology, ; B.S. in Cognitive Psychology,

Additional Information

Dr. Francesco Biondi is a leading Human Factors expert. He is recognized as a top scientist in the fields of distracted driving and driver interaction with vehicle assistance systems. He worked with national and international transportation agencies assessing the distraction effect of in-vehicle devices, and the unintended safety consequences of interacting with vehicle assistance systems including autopilot. Dr. Biondi spearheaded the development of industry standards for the Human Factors assessment of drivers' visual and attentive load and vehicle assistance systems. Dr. Biondi leverages his scientific knowledge of user automation to determine the unintended safety consequences of misusing assistance systems (Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Assist, Rear-View Cameras etc.), vehicle automation and semi-autonomous driving (autopilot). Dr. Biondi's expertise include: - Assessing the distraction effect of cell phone use and texting. - Determining the effect that using in-vehicle infotainment systems have on driver inattention. - Evaluating the safety risks of using assistance systems. ADAS, and autopilot. - Measuring driver distraction, situation awareness, fatigue, and boredom. Human Factors plays a key role in vehicle collisions. Human Factors is what I do.