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Transportation and Safety

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Railroad, Passenger Trains, Commuter Trains, Freight Trains, Railroad Operations, Grade Crossing Accidents/Incidents, Federal Railroad Administration, FRA, National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB, Train Derailments, FELA, Railway Safety Act

Additional Information

Railroad Expert Witnesses (REW), founded by Daniel O'Connell, specializes in providing expert witness services to attorneys representing plaintiffs or defendants in railroad-related litigation. With a career spanning since 1978 in various roles across freight, passenger, and commuter trains, Daniel O'Connell brings extensive knowledge and experience to the table for a comprehensive evaluation of incidents. His expertise covers a wide range of areas, including railroad crossing incidents, employee and passenger fatalities or injuries. In recent years, Daniel O'Connell has taken on significant roles in expert witness cases, handling multiple active cases, conducting investigations, and producing reports in preparation for trial testimony. In addition to Railroad Expert Witnesses (REW), REW also encompasses Double Track Consulting (DTC), which emerged during the Covid-19 pandemic. Initially focused on delivering training to Conductors and Engineers across several railroads, DTC has since evolved into a consulting entity catering to upcoming rail projects in the United States. DTC's growth can be attributed to its ability to adapt and meet the changing needs of the industry. It expanded beyond training services, leveraging its expertise to offer valuable insights and guidance for various rail-related projects. For instance, DTC has provided tailored training programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of Conductors and Engineers. Moreover, it has collaborated with clients on consulting assignments, contributing valuable insights to upcoming rail projects. The close association between REW and DTC allows for a comprehensive approach, combining expert witness services with consulting expertise. This integration strengthens the ability to provide well-rounded support and guidance in the railroad industry.