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Law Enf & Criminal Justice and Police Practices & Procedures

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Excessive Use of Force, Excessive use of Deadly Force, Case Analysis, In Custody Excessive Force, Civil Rights Violations by Law Enforcement & Corrections, Death or Serious Injury While in Custody, Police Misconduct, Police Practices & Procedures.

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Additional Information

Retired Law Enforcement Detective, Task Force Assistant Director and Field Commander, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Specialized Defensive Tactics Instructor, Department of Justice State of North Carolina, Sheriff’s Education Training and Standards Commission, 12 NCAC 10B .0909 Full Limited Lecturer Instructor – Specialized Subject Control Techniques Certification. 1993 to 1989, taught the Limited Lecturer block of instruction on Positional asphyxia, also known as postural asphyxia. Henderson North Carolina The Vance County N.C. Sheriff’s Department only in-service Instructor. Also, during that period, Patrick taught in many Community Colleges In-Service and Academy Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement, and Jailers, along with many specialized defensive tactics classes. Developed and implemented self-defense techniques for the undercover officer.