Dr. Jessica Rowe, PSYD Expert Witness
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Forensic Psychology and Employment

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PTSD, depression, anxiety, retaliation, employment, discrimination, treatment, termination, labor, sexual harassment, whistleblower, ADA, FMLA, FEHA, constructive, workplace, age, wages, labor relations, workers rights, employee, best expert, EEOC, hostile, unlawful, workforce, bullying, race


Doctor of Psychology, John F. Kennedy University

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Jessica Rowe, PsyD, is in private practice in Northern CA. Her practice is also known as Dr. Jess' Mind Care Center. She helps attorneys around CA with trial and deposition testimony preparation and participation. She conducts mental health treatment with attorneys' clients who need help with emotional distress and mental health injury. She conducts psychological examinations and forensic evaluations for employment and personal injury attorneys in CA. Further, Dr. Rowe conducts treatment with worker's compensation patients who have endured a psychiatric injury at work. She treats work comp patients who have experienced physical injuries that require psychological assistance. She works with a variety of mental health conditions, including, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, somatic complaints, chronic pain, and several other illnesses. She has treated individuals within state prisons and with many government entities. She has worked with individuals who have experienced sexual abuse, sexual assault, work harassment, and many other circumstances and conditions. She has also worked with sex offenders. She always strives to be the best at her expertise. She is astute, a hard worker, confident, a great critical thinker, professional, practical, knowledgeable, and very personable.