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Specialties & Experience of this Expert Witness

General Specialties:

Civil Engineering and Construction Defects

Specialty Focus:

20 Years experienced Expert Witness, cause of origin, extent of damage, proper method of repair Variety of Perils: Hail, Wind, Fire, Flood, Accidental Discharge of Water, Soil Settlement, etc. Insurance Claims Property Damage Evaluations

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Additional Information

Investigate residential and commercial sites to determine the cause and origin of structural failures, damages or defects. Analyze damages to structures that have been threatened by catastrophes. Inspect assigned buildings and sites, document existing site conditions, collection of evidence, and photographic documentation, utilize appropriate engineering survey, monitoring, and measuring equipment, research variety of technical resources, codes, standards, technical papers, text books, handbooks, internet. Inspections and analysis of building components and structures, preparation of testing requirements and procedures and preparation of condition reports. Experience in designs of low slope and steep slope roofing designs. Responsible for analysis and remedial design of structural failures and deficiencies. Review plans and specifications to identify conflicts and ambiguities. Perform and direct inspections of construction operations for compliance with specification and intent of design. Exercise judgment in decisions that often require considerable interpretation of current regulations and guidelines. Perform residential and commercial site investigations to determine the cause and origin of structural failures, damages, or defects. Investigate and assess damages due to catastrophes such as windstorm damage, hail damage, hurricanes, floods, sinkholes. Provide detailed reports outlining the cause and origin of the damages. Offer both long and short-term recommendations, determine cost parameters, and provide specifications for corrective actions. Expert Witness Services Engaged as an Expert Witness in over 3,500 insurance claim assignments for a variety of perils and causations, and Provided expert testimony, via depositions, court hearings, or court appearance, in a court of law in over 350+ cases/assignments in 16 States and one US Territory.